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Earning My Ears
May 24, 2000
Has anyone used the Disney DreamMaker Silver package? Are the options for eating good?
The Silver package is new for 2003. It is closest in comparison to Disney's Discovery Magic package for 2002 and previous years. It is a great plan if you use the components. Here is some info:

Two Magical Wishes features per person per night (a 3-night stay offers you a choice of 6 selections per person redeemable whenever you like during your stay). Items with a *2 after them require two Magic Wishes Features per selection. Below are Dining options you can use for your Wishes:


Disney Character Breakfast or traditional Resort Breakfast
Table Service and Counter Service Lunch or Dinner (available at over 125 participating restaurants throughout the Walt Disney World® Resort)

Disney Dinner Shows

Selected Signature Table Service Restaurants: Artist Point, Bistro de Paris, California Grill, Citricos, Coral Reef Restaurant, Flying Fish Cafe, Fulton's Crab House, Jiko, Narcoossee's and Yachtsman Steakhouse - *2 wishes
We used the equivalent of the Silver Package in April of 2002 and stayed at AKL. We felt that the package was worth the money and were able to eat where ever we wanted. The restruants that were excluded from the package were not a big deal to us and we found that by eating a later breakfast and an early lunch that we did not have to spend any money on food other than ice cream or something like that.
The waiters in all the restruants are good about seeing that you use your plan to its fullest and of course I think that means they get a bigger tip so it is to their advantage. We even had a huge shrimp cocktail in the Garden Grill which I would never had thougt to ask for.
This was our second time for using the package and this year we are using the Platinum Package only because we want to experience some of the different things it has to offer such as the fireworks cruise and massage. My husband think the best part of the plan is that the trip is paid for before we leave and he dosen't feel so guilty eating in places that we probably wouldn't have considered if we were paying out of pocket as we go.
For some reason I thought that dinner shows were two wishes. They are only one?
Yes, dinner shows are only one wish.. the more expensive places (Artist Point, Bistro de Paris, California Grill, Citricos, Coral Reef Restaurant, Flying Fish Cafe, Fulton's Crab House, Jiko, Narcoossee's and Yachtsman Steakhouse) are two. (odd though that Portobello Yacht Club isn't included in that list because it's quite pricey)

DH and I figured it up that each person has to eat $32.50 per person per meal to come out 'even' - it can be done, but since they changed some things around over the past few years (the last time we used 'Discovery Maigc' in 2000, all the restaurants witht he exception of V&A's were only one wish instead of some places being two) you have to be a little more choosey if you want to make the most out of your $$$... just IMHO, of course :)
If you can eat your monies worth in food then the Dreammaker Package is very well worth it. Plain and simple...can you eat about $33.00 in food at the one wish restaurants by yourself and about $66 at the two wish restaurants? If you can eat that much in food alone then go for it, otherwise you may not get back what you put into it. At the two wish restaurants, I would consider sharing a meal and then only using two wishes instead of four and then you would get your money out of it. Stay away from buffets or come out of your pocket and pay for those, because you lose money there. I hope no matter what you chose, you have a wonderful time! BEST TO YOU! :wave: :sunny: :jester:
Just keep in mind that these wishes are not only for food. You have the flexibility to use them for the options they offer. Check your brochures for the info.


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