Disney Movie Rewards - Bonus Codes


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May 22, 2006
It is sort of hidden -
Log in to yiur Disney Movie Insiders account
Click on your name, then scroll down to Settings
Under settings below all of your personal info is a link to manage your email subscriptions, Click that link.
Yiu will get to a screen which allows you to opt in or out to the various Disney Company emails on all diffeeent topics; check the box for Disney Movie Insiders and then Save. Thar should get you on their email list for DMI updates.
Woah! Thank you so much - this was great and I definitely would never have found it on my own!


Jul 29, 2005
There’s a $10 e- gift card in the rewards section that’s only 900 points. I hadn’t realized this until I just now saw it so I thought I’d mention it in case it helps somebody else!
Thanks for posing the info. But, I just checked and it is now showing as out stock.
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