Disney Movie Rewards - Bonus Codes

  • Kennywood

    Jan 1, 2012
    The pins, by themselves, do nothing to commemorate the 50th anniversary. If it weren't for the pin holder, you'd never know that the images had any connection with the anniversary. I would have at least expected a tux for Mickey and an evening gown for Minnie. I was extremely underwhelmed.
  • lucas

    Jul 29, 2005
    DMI has an exclusive pin set with Mickey and Minnie to celebrate Disney World’s 50th Anniversary! It’s 800 points.
    The pins arrived today!

    Thank you again for posting the link. The pins are beautiful! They are on the 50th pin holder and wrapped nicely in cellophane. I will keep it just like that for saving with my pin collection. (Plus, it was mailed in heavy duty cardboard so the pin holder wouldn't get bent - which I was worried about.) It is my first piece of 50th merchandise and I just love it. And, basically free, just for keeping up with the codes that are posted here! :thumbsup2


    Disneyland - the original since 1955
    Jul 26, 2014
    I feel dumb - but I can't figure out where to opt-in to the newsletter. Anyone? Oh - and thanks to you all giving updates! SO much!
    It is sort of hidden -
    Log in to yiur Disney Movie Insiders account
    Click on your name, then scroll down to Settings
    Under settings below all of your personal info is a link to manage your email subscriptions, Click that link.
    Yiu will get to a screen which allows you to opt in or out to the various Disney Company emails on all diffeeent topics; check the box for Disney Movie Insiders and then Save. Thar should get you on their email list for DMI updates.