DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM - A Spring 2013 Adventure! *COMPLETE* 11/20


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Jun 10, 2008
April 6th, 2013 (Part 2) - OKW, SSR, and Coronado Springs!


Whenever I go to this resort I am FLOODED with memories. I call Old Key West my childhood resort because during my childhood this is where my family got stuck on staying. My parents are in love with it. My Dad absolutely loves Florida Keys, so combining that and Disney makes for a perfect resort for our family.

Then we went in the gift shop, walked around, and did more pin trading. Port Orleans and Old Key Wests front desks didn't have pin books, but rather had GIGANTIC pin boards! It was so much fun.

Can I just say how I LOVE that this rug still has the old logo on it?

We walked out to the pool area and I reminisced about my childhood.

Disney details. You know.

My new shirt! I LOVE IT!

After taking a nice look at Old Key West, it was time to hop to the next resort! Not surprisingly, we went over to Saratoga Springs! YAY!

Surge was blown away by how classy this resort was. He said the only person who was properly dressed to be there was the greeter CM who had a fancy suit and top hat on. I LOVE SARATOGA! I have so many memories here, too!

Saratoga definitely had the best pin board. I found so many pins that I loved!!! Then we walked through the gift shop and all around the pool as well. It was lovely! SUCH A CLASSY RESORT! I actually miss it a lot.

Then we went right to Coronado Springs! I was so excited to show someone around who had never been to Coronado before!

Surge said that from the outside it looked like a nice small resort and then BAM it was huge!!!! We went into Panchitos and they had some AWESOME pins for me to trade for! YES YES YES.

I took Surge into the entrance of the convention center and explained to him how big it was. Then we walked by Pepper Market which he thought was super cool. I'm glad he could appreciate the resort!

The four caballeros!

Then we went outside and walked all the way around the lagoon! I showed him the Casitas, the Ranchos, and the Cabanas! There were some GORGEOUS photo ops here, too! So get ready for a plethora of Coronado photos!




Even though this section is the farthest from El Centro, I still really love it. I think the rock formations are so cool, I LOVE that it's so close to the pool, and there's a super close bus stop back there!

Like I said at the beginning of my report, Coronado could possibly be the most aesthetically pleasing resort! ITS GORGEOUS.

This is my life right now. And I can honestly say I have NEVER been happier. :-) I truly think I'm where I'm meant to be.

I can't help but think we have one of the COOLEST pools on Disney property. I LOVE IT.


I was so happy to be here. Coronado has definitely become my home! :-)

It is always beautiful.

We saw Rachelle on our way out of the resort! I'm so glad we got to say hello!

Then it was time to go to our next destination!

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    Jun 10, 2008
    April 6th, 2013 (Part 3) - AoA and The Beach Club!

    Then it was time to head to our next resort  Art of Animation! Surge had never been here either!!! I love introducing people to new things.

    We walked through all of the sections and marveled at the details in each one.

    I really want to stay in a Little Mermaid room! I NEED TO SEE MY CHILDHOOD COME TO LIFE BEFORE MY EYES IN RESORT ROOM FORM.

    I love that the pool rules are on a scroll. DISNEY WHY ARE YOU PERFECT?

    We didn't get to really explore the Finding Nemo section as much as I would have liked. But YAY DORY. Oh my God, I can't wait for Finding Dory. I hope it's as brilliant as I'm expecting it to be.

    Cars Section!

    I took a picture of this transportation sign because they have the old bus design featured on it... so in case they change it in the future, I wanted to have documentation. Disney nerd? Why yes, yes I am.

    We said goodbye to the larger than life replicas of our favorite Disney movies and drove over to THE BEACH CLUB!!!!!!! My fave. We had to park in the Vacation Club parking because the resort was so crowded tonight.

    When you go in through vacation club parking you get to see the little DVC pool and my favorite room!!! I was so excited to be back. Then we made our way into the lobby and did the necessary pin trading in the shop and at the Concierge desk.

    We took a walk outside and it was dusk so the resort was GORGEOUS.

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    Jun 10, 2008
    April 6th, 2013 (Part 4) - YaCHt Club and Boardwalk!

    The YaCHt Club was next and Surge COULD NOT get over the class! RIGHT THOUGH!?! Oh my God, that resort it just too amazing to exist. That is why I’m in love with the YaCHt Club and if it was a person... I would marry it.

    I posted on twitter:
    My dream is to just always be classy. #yachtclub

    Thank you, Yacht and Beach. YOU'RE SO POLITE AND I LOVE YOU BOTH.

    After the Yacht Club we walked all the way to the Boardwalk.

    My main concern here was getting some food. So I tried to get some Pizza from the Boardwalk Pizza window. However, they were SO BACKED UP and they didn't even have any pizza! They told us to come back later.

    We went into the lobby and explored everything. I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM STAYING HERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! LDFSAKHLDFSUHAISDFHLAKDSJHFLKSDHFALIUH!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it’s going to be THE BEST BIRTHDAY I’ve ever had. I am SO excited.

    We went and explored the lobby for a little bit:

    Anyways, I went back to the pizza window. Right when we got up, they ran out of pizza. And remember, I hadn’t eaten in 9 hours. So when you deny me food, I am not happy.

    I posted on twitter:
    When I don't eat for 9 hours there's a new episode of #grumpyjessproblems.

    I couldn’t wait for another pizza to come out, so I went to the hot dog cart and got a grilled chicken sandwich. It tasted good but it just wasn't enough.

    So we walked back to the Beach Club and I decided to get something else at the Beach Club Market Place. The only thing that sounded good was the New England clam chowder... so that's what I got! It tasted absolutely FANTASTIC. I was happy with my decision.

    After that we went back to Patterson! We were EXHAUSTED! We were out for 12+ hours straight! It was worth it. We went to 9 resorts in one day. That's insane.

    I went over to the boys' apartment and passed out on the couch. Then I woke up around 12:30 and went back to my place to go to bed!

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    Oct 13, 2005
    Yay!!! An update.
    Jess, I am soooo excited to tell you that one of my Chicago Area DisBoard friends is going to be staying at Coronado at the end of June! I sent her a message to be sure to look for you. Also sent her the link to your report. I told her how excited you are to be at Disney and how awesome you sound here. Her name is Tracy. She is tall with dark hair. (not that you will remember ;)) I hope she finds you one day while they are there.

    I love POR! Have you ever caught the YeeHa Bob show there in the lounge? If you haven't, take an evening and be sure to go watch. Go early as it gets crowded in there. He is an awesome piano player and amazing at remembering guests' names. We had a great time there last summer.
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    Jun 10, 2008
    April 7th, 2013 (Part 1) - Checking in at the Poly for our Father Daughter Trip!

    I posted on twitter:

    This morning I woke up at 9 am and i threw in my laundry and finished catching up on my trip report from yesterday. Right before I finished, Lindsay came into my room a little panicked and asked if I was doing anything. I had a lot to do but she slept through her alarm and was going to be late for work. So I drove her because I wanted to make sure she got there in time!

    I dropped her off and then went back to Patterson. I hopped in the shower and then I got ready to go! My laundry was all set so I grabbed it, folded it, and packed it! IT WAS VACATION TIME!!!!

    I made my way over to the Polynesian and my Dad had arrived about 15-20 minutes before me! EEEP :) I hadn't seen him since January when I moved down here for my program so it was so nice to be reunited! We gave each other a huge hug! This was our first father daughter trip so it was a big deal!

    We were staying Club Level on this trip so the curbside cast member took GREAT care of us! I actually met her once before! We talked to her after Kelsey's birthday dinner at Kona! I believe her name is Amanda!

    They checked us in, gave us our GOLD room keys, then gave us leis and told us "ALOHA!"

    I have been waiting for that moment my entire life. This was my first time staying at the Polynesian! Now I can finally say I have stayed at every single Disney resort! (Except for All Star Music and Sports. But I stayed at Movies before so it counts.)

    Amanda took us to the Hawaii building! What a nice and easy name! I know the Polynesian has some crazy names for their sections so I'm glad this one was simple!

    Let us enter the magical doors!

    We were on the third floor! I love how everything is decorated!!

    Apparently they just finished redoing the rooms in our building last month! HELLO GORGEOUS, NEW, BEAUTIFUL ROOM!

    These pillows... HOW ARE THEY SO CUTE?!


    What a cute couch! I LOVE the color scheme of these rooms!

    Beautiful artwork:

    Even the bathroom is themed in such a cool way:


    We had a standard view but you can see the pool from our room! We were so nice and close to the Grand Ceremonial House and the pool/beach!

    HI STACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I was in COMPLETE awe of the room! I had my routine resort room photo shoot, we dropped off our bags, and headed to our club level lounge to see what it was like!

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    Nov 25, 2008
    :cool1: More updates....yippee! I love that you put a bunch up at a time. Hope your trip with your dad was fantastic! I've never been that fond of the Poly, simply because it reeked of the 70's, and I have never loved the 70's decor. The renovated room is really pretty though! Might have to try it sometime, if I'm feeling rich! :rotfl2: Can't wait to hear about the rest of your father-daughter vacation.


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    Jul 24, 2006
    Oh my gosh- I'm so excited to read this update! I love love love the Poly - and our next trip is 7 nights club level :cool1: This is like my dream come true, and I absolutely can't wait. Okay, now I'm going to read your report :goodvibes


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    Apr 9, 2013
    Jess, I've read almost all of your trip reports and loved them but wanted to comment. I am going back to school to finish my degree and reading this just rekindled my dream that I've had since I was little, to work at Disney World. I am hopeful that I'll get to take part in the CP despite being slightly older. :P

    But thank you for this view into the life there. You definitely seem to be having a lot of fun and I hope that you continue to enjoy your experiences. :)

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    Mar 27, 2004
    That's wonderful! I am not exactly sure, but I think sending it to a link like this would work! https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/contact/

    You can always search something like "walt disney world guest comments" on google to look for a site... but that one seems the most legitimate from the options I was looking at!
    Jess,the below address is really great to use.:)


    Guests should give as much info as possible such as the name of the CM(if known),location of the Great Service,time of day,etc.:)

    It may take a few days,but Disney WILL respond in some way to emails at this address.:)

    That is so cool that the Poster wants the CM to receive some well-deserved recognition!:)

    Mrs Eeyore

    Mar 24, 2012
    I just had to gush about how much I am loving your TR. You know that feeling you get from watching Wishes, when you really believe that the magic is real and dreams really do come true? And then you go home and there's laundry and bills to pay and you begin to suspect that the Blue Fairy is a big fat liar? Well, reading your TR gives me that Wishes feeling again. :love::love: If you don't get cast as a princess (which you totally should), I nominate you as the next Stacey. :yay:


    well, all that's left now is the happy ending.
    Aug 4, 2005
    I made a reservation for San Angel! I've never been there but I've been dying to go for so long! I really hope you are not working at that time so you can come!!

    You are so unbelievably lucky to have stayed at every Disney resort! I can't even IMAGINE that. I've only stayed at 4 of them and NO DELUXES. I'M SO DEPRIVED. omg. But hey I can't really complain, I've been to Disney so much. But staying in every resort has got to be a life goal man. Your room at the Poly is next level. I don't even know what I would do if I got to stay there. My head would explode probably. Hula Timon wouldn't be able to handle it either!!!

    I hope you have a great time at home!!


    Feb 26, 2001
    Poly Club Level is my personal all-time favorite - not my family's but mine - so convenient to everything, and just plain beautiful. Its one of the places in the world you can frankly escape and just relax.


    Dec 22, 2008
    I'm absolutely loving your trip report!!!!! :) I interviewed for the CP way back in February and I was pended for 6 and a half weeks. I was about to give up, but THIS MORNING I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!! pixiedust: :cool1: :hyper: :banana::banana::banana:

    Reading your trip report has made me even more excited about the fact that I'M GOING TO BE WORKING FOR WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!


    Jul 29, 2012
    disneyfan'08 said:
    I'm absolutely loving your trip report!!!!! :) I interviewed for the CP way back in February and I was pended for 6 and a half weeks. I was about to give up, but THIS MORNING I GOT ACCEPTED!!!!! pixiedust: :cool1: :hyper: :banana::banana::banana:

    Reading your trip report has made me even more excited about the fact that I'M GOING TO BE WORKING FOR WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!! How exciting


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    Oct 21, 2001
    I have been following along from the begininng. Totally loving your report and all the great photos. I am sure your parents are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Reading your report, I have a feeling a career with Disney is definitely yours :)

    Coronado is one of our favorite resorts (though we are DVC now and haven't stayed there in many, many years and we miss it lots). Whenever someone asks about a Moderate resort to stay at, Coronado is always our recommendation. Love that you are working there.

    Hoping my niece can someday particpate in the CP (she starts college in September). Great reading how much you are loving the experience. I am going to send my niece the link so she can read along, hopefully she will find some inspiration from you.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.


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    Dec 10, 2010
    i think i know why your twitter is being weird, when i go on your page it says your account is private so only certain people can see your tweets. If you go on settings you can turn it off. hope this helps:)

    Peace Mickey Lovers

    Feb 9, 2005
    Again thank you for sharing your memories with us I enjoy them and look foward to them. I also want to thank you for sharing yout Port Orleans pictures, this was where I stayed on my honeymoon. I had never been to Disney and for the first time is was so beautiful and holds many fond memories for me. I hope you enjoyed your time with your dad. All the best



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