Discounts in February


Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2001
We are fairly new to the budget boards so we missed any discounts we might have been able to get for our trip to Wilderness Lodge last Feb. 24-Mar 3. What we were wondering is, since this is the most likely time we will be traveling to Disney each year (the week after President's Week), what kind of discounts might we be able to anticipate and when should we start trying for them? If anyone can share the prices they were able to get for this week, this past Feb., it might help us figure out what we can expect in the future, too.


Serious Mickey Nut
Jan 4, 2000
We're going mid February 2002 so I've been looking for this info also. Do a "search" (top of page) on February rates and February discounts, that will bring back some helpful info to you. ~ :) ~


DIS Veteran
Jan 17, 2001
Hi. We went the week AFTER President's week this year (Feb 24-Mar 3) and we got the "Insider Rate" of $109 per night at Dixie Landings (now Port Orleans Riverside). Next year, we are going DURING President's week (Feb 16-23) and I am getting the "Nurse's Discount" at the Swan for $129 per night. :)

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