Discount codes to use with Emerald Isle


Earning My Ears
Jan 2, 2001
Are there and discount codes I can use with Emerald Isle? I do not have a DC membership, or an entertainment book.

I finally got my card after 7 weeks- Jeez! Now I am checking out the rates- I already have a SUV booked for $189 a week- but we may switch to a standard, tons cheaper!

Most of the discounts codes come with different memberships. Right now National is having a $199 promotion limited time. Check their website. Also you should check the Transportation Board here on The DIS!

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SunniB- I know you don't have a Disney Club card so this won't help you but I wanted to pass this info along. When checking resort rates through DC, the CM asked if I needed a rental car. I said yes to get an idea if there were any savings. I was quoted $159/week with my DC discount booking it with a room. The CM told me this included all applicable taxes. I'm not sure I trust that part but even with taxes on top of the $159 rate, it was a deal. Our dates aren't totally set so I didn't take it but I sure wish I would have reserved it any way just in case. By the way, it was for a full size car.
With an Emerald Club Card, you can book intermediate or full size (usually same price) and have your choice of any car on the Emerald Aisle. There's a chance you could get an SUV, I've seen Blazers & Jimmys there.
I have rented an intermediate for $156 a week with emerald isle service. The full size was $196 ( I am going during spring breakin 16 days!) I hope i can get an upgrade but if not oh well. Cross your fingers!



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