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    Apr 29, 2004
    They do this at Bull & Bear (at the Waldorf Astoria in Bonnet Creek) and its a very interesting use of the technology. You not only get to browse the menu, but you can tap on an individual item to see a picture and get more info. The device contains everything from appetizer, main course, deserts, wine and cocktails. The use the device in both the restaurant itself and in the nearby Peacock Lounge.
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    That sounds great. It would be a waste just to have the printed menu in electronic form but if they use it to give an expanded view that you can't get with a paper menu that's great. I love when restaurants include nutritional info but that's far easier to do electronically than on paper.
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    Jun 15, 2013
    Not to mention it's horrendous for the environment to be printing paper menus all the time.

    The longevity is the key here.
    Less paper wastage, much easier to update the menu (eg. what if they sell out of sirloin that night? just update the apps to remove it) and as you've said, can give much more insight to the menu and ingredients.

    I believe my last trip to the US, we had tablet style menus and entertainment (for the kids presumably) at Appleby's.
    I know it's not a highbrow eatery, but still, it was a good use of tech.
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    Between the Wave, Marrakesh and Jaleo recently, I don't even know why they allow Youtube comments anymore. It's devolved into people commenting on the cast rather than the content.

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