Differance between closing at the park/resorts/ cruise line Vs. over the phone..

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Lorilais_mommie, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Is there any perks for signing/closing while at the resorts? Extra points? Freebies?
    ( Last cruise we went on they offed the pervious year points.. This was before GF opened tho)

    DH and I are not planning are to go back to WDW until 2015..

    However we will be in DL this summer.
    And are looking at cruise in 2015 before going to WDW..

    So which is the best place to sign?

    over the phone - it would be this spring- better time of the year for our points to roll over for us..

    DL- (staying with family) we would get a 8mo. Jump, and would be able to use points for our trip in may 2015

    Sign on DCL - had heard they offer the best deal- but wouldn't be able to use it for WDW resort stay after the trip..

    WDW- this is our least fav. B/c it's sooooo far away, and we would have just paid for three trips out of pocket..

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    Deals have pretty much been the same whatever way you purchase for 2-3 years. The "extra" years points was a sales pitch and really just current points and something that you got no matter where you purchased. The only difference might be a small onboard credit but by the time you wait the prices might increase so it would have been the same if you purchased over the phone tomorrow.

    What might happen is you might get a canvas bag or a pen or some pins if you buy onsite. But that's more dependent on the guide you get and not a guarantee. I'd not worry about any swag to determine when to purchase and the deals just aren't going to be any different.

    Also when you buy direct you can request any UY you want. I've heard a couple of instances where the guides insisted the buyer get what DVC was currently selling but if you were to say it needs to be xxx month or we're not buying I think they'd accommodate if they could.

    OR - look for a resale contract and go buy some swag with your savings the next time your at WDW. And you can pick your UY with that too. :thumbsup2
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    I agree with buying resale! You can buy a great sign on bonus with the money saved :). You could save enough to buy extra points or maybe even enough to pay for your cruise (depending on the number of points that you're buying). Check resale!!!
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    DVC doesn't usually offer freebies unless sales are down. Meaning way down.

    When you purchase your points doesn't determine your UY. You might close in the spring and your UY is October or December.

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