DC told me I can use my DC entertainment logo at Universal Hotels


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Oct 11, 2000
I called the DC and asked if I could use my Entertainment logo on my DC card to recieve the Entertainment discount at Hardrock Hotel in Orlando. She put me on hold to call Travel America thru Entertainment and Robin at TA said yes. Has anyone tried to present their DC card at Universal Hotels for the discount?
I asked when I made my ressie's for PBH for our trip in 2 wks. They put me on hold while asking a manager. They came back on and said "sorry but the DC card cannot be used". I went ahead and bought the entertainment card for my area just to be safe. I'm sure I'll use it anyway. I've been told by others on this site that the DC entertainment card is never valid for hotels in Orlando. I might try since I have the other for back up and see what happens. If I do I'll report back!
That would be great if you could post back when you return. I just may have to get the Entertainment card, however I have to wait for the 2002 book for a Thanksgiving 2001 discount. I thought I had read on a post from SwanDolfin on the disney resort board that he would except the DC card at the Swan/Dolfin Hotels. Maybe each hotel has the right to except or decline as they wish. Hope you have a great trip. :)
I called yesterday and HRH said they don't take the DC card. They said it was a different entertainment card but I think they just don't want to have anything to do with the mouse. :mad:
Has anyone had experience yet at the PFB or HR yet with the DC card?
It's listed on the DC Club site. It states to show the Entertainment logo on the back of the DC card to identify yourself as a Entertainment member. I don't understand why there is such a problem. The DC castmember said to print it out off the computer and show it to them at check-in. I just don't want to get there and have HRH not accept it. I may just buy the Entertainment card to protect myself. Hopefully they'll have it all staighten out, come my Nov. trip.

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