DC ressies not as straightforward as I thought.....did I miss something? An Update: An Apology from


Earning My Ears
Dec 30, 2000
Booked FW cabins through Disney Club...just received a bill from WDTC, after receiving my initial confirmation from CRO. On it were charges for travel insurance (29.95/adult) and a "sports complex admission"...all "included in your package", a package I never requested. I just got off the phone from WDTC..as it turns out, each time you request a "room only" reservation with a DC discount, you must purchase at least a "basic" package...and this is the most basic package they have. I told him I was never told about this policy, I never asked for the travel ins. (it only covers the room), and I don't want it. He then told me since I've already paid the deposit on the room, I'm stuck with the insurance. As for the "sports complex adm.", he told me it adds about $2/day to the total cost...from my bill it looks like there was no additional charge. I've read through the DC membership guide, and there is no mention of the fact that only packages can be purchased,and that travel insurance must be included (all it says in 1 lonely sentence is that the ins. is non-refundable once deposit is made).
The other thing that disturbed me is that the bill still only mentions the old payment and cancellation policies (the $200 canc. fee within 5 days and that full payment must be made 45 d. in advance). When I asked him about this, he told me they just haven't printed up new forms for DC members....thanks to these boards only that I know the 45d payment policy is incorrect, as is the canc. policy.
My husband is livid...he plans on calling the Fla. attorney general's office tomorrow re: this "package policy"...and the lack of information presented to the consumer. Will keep you informed....

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Sorry to hear you had such a confusing experience. When I made my reservations the CM was very informative about the fact that I couldn't book room only and that the basic package included WWS.

We won't be using the Sports tickets but still made out better buying the package because we got 20% off the room. You might want to run the numbers before you cancel everything out; even though it was aggravating you might still be saving significantly over a room only reservation.

Good luck; I hope everything turns out to your satisfaction!
we're not intending to cancel our reservations, but the fact that Disney can get away with something like this gets me so angry!
If you have paid your deposit, then you aren't able to cancel the insurance. Unfortunately, you didn't have to purchase the insurance in the first place. If you don't tell the Cast Member at WDTC to remove the insurance when you first call to make the reservation, they automatically add it. You could have canceled the insurance if you would have noticed it before you paid the deposit. It is an expensive lesson for you, but one that everyone can benefit from. Please remember to tell the CM you don't want the insurance and check to make sure it isn't included before paying your deposit!

The admission to DWWoS is included with the Basic Plan package, but does not add to the cost. It is a one-day admission to the complex. It should be noted that while this ticket will admit you to the sports complex, there may be events taking place there that require additional admissions.

Thank you for sharing your experience sleepydoc. I know it is of no comfort to you, but your experience does help the next person.


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I just booked our hotel yesterday for *** and the lady at DC asked me specifically if I wanted insurance for $20 each. She told me what it was and I said no. I specifically asked her the cost of the room and how much in total before I gave her my credit card #. So sorry that you had such bad luck with DC. This is the second time I have made a reservation through them and they have been so informative each time. I hope that you have fun on the trip anyway.

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I didn't have to pay the insurance but I got the sports complex tickets anyway and it looks like a freebie. Did you guys also get the tickets at no extra charge?

I am under the impression that the DC is really a new program. Is this true? I get this because of the forms not being printed yet, and alot of mis-communication. I think we all need to be patient, and let the program grow into itself. After all this is Disney and I for one have never known them to not do the best with what they start. I had my reservations before I knew about the DC. I joined, call the travel company and asked them to apply my membership - dropped the package price $350.00 and they informed me I would get $50. Disney Dollars at check-in. That is a darn good $30.00 investment in my opinion! :D


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the only communication I initially got from WDW was the standard yellow resort reservation form telling me the amount due on a certain date. Only after that date (by which time I had paid the deposit) did I receive the communication (really a bill) from WDTC with the insurance and DWWoS ticket information on it! That's what disturbed me...there was no mention of any of this anywhere before the deposit date, only after! Seemed kind of sneaky to me....
I was just looking at my yellow copy that I recieved from WDTC and it didn't say anything about the charges you are talking about...I only booked a room at ASM, and they said I didn't have to book a package. Is that just for the cabins or am I in for a surprise also?
As I mentioned, my husband was so upset that WDTC could get away with charging for something not even mentioned at time of booking, that he filed a complaint with the Fla. Attorney General's office (easy to do via e-mail). Anyway, we received a phone call last night at 6 P.M. from a CM at WDTC-apologizing profusely for the "miscommunication" re: the travel (actually room) insurance. He said that the mention of the insurance should have been made during the "recap" of information at the end of the reservations call..and that all customers are supposed to be made aware of the charge. They took the charges off our bill. (And IMWE, our yellow sheet never contained the info...just the bill we received later from WDTC)
I keep hearing of more and more problems such as this. Disney has a serious problem with their "new" Disney Club. It has almost gotten to the point where you want to record all your convresations with them. Sounds extreme, but I bet it would work.

Whoever is in charge of the Disney Club needs to be sacked, it's absolutely awful.

My 2 cents

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this insurance add on sounds like ....can you say "cash cow"....

sorta like all the taxes you pay to enjoy the orlando area.....tire and battery tax....licence change fee...concession recovery fee....florida tax....no wonder they do not have "florida income tax"

tongue in cheek


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