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    Two’s company and whose got the penknife!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok it’s April, and I’m going in April so therefore today is the day that I am going to Florida in April, because I am going in April. Confused, well dear reader if you are not you will be later.

    Anyway I digress. Up at 06:00, cases in car, Husband in car, Kids in car. STOP why are the kids in the car they are not coming. Well apparently they are coming to say goodbye. I have another theory; they are just trying to make me feel guilty for going to the Magic Place without them. Well its not working because I have no guilt whatsoever.

    Pick up Amanda. DH makes sure she has appropriate documentation with her and we’re all off. Arrive check in desk at about 07:45. Not a very busy queue stood in line, clutching passports and tickets. OK plan now to look all posh and superior so that we look like upgrade material. Nice man walks over to us, “ok Amanda keep cool, look sophisticated, just chill” From here on in the conversation went so
    “Hello ladies, passports and tickets please”
    “Did you pack your own suitcases and has anyone asked you to carry anything for you”

    “No” said the dynamic duo
    “Do you have anything sharp in your luggage like a nail file or nail scissors”
    “No” said the dynamic duo
    Then a voice was heard, a small voice, one that I recognised, “well actually I’ve got a penknife in my handbag you know the kind with the screwdriver act attached” As I watched the prospect of the PE upgrade disappear towards the smug looking lady behind me with the matching luggage, I turned around to find Amanda apologising to the very nice man, and scrabbling through her bag to put Penknife into main luggage. With the rest of the queue looking at us in disgust, and a lot of tot totting, we headed to the check in counter. Still ever the optimistic I asked the lovely painted lady with a smile that could turn milk sour if there was any chance of being upgraded on this flight. I think it was the look, that gave me the first clue that and upgrade was not going to happen, “we are not upgrading on this flight Modem, only if we have had instructions to”. So I crawled back under the stone that she clearly thought we had come from.
    Baggage safely sent away we went off for some breakfast, and then said our goodbyes to dh, dd1 and dd2. Then through passport control, quick flit around shops, bought some hair bobbles for my hair and some perfume, and then it’s off to board. On the little train. Have a coffee and wait to board. It’s a small small world is it not? All together now “it’s a small small world la la la la”. Amands spots someone she knows, its her Motorcycle driving instructor with his wife, guess where they’re going, guess which flight, and guess who the sitting in front of by 3 row.
    Flight Called and we start to board; well everyone else starts to board. We are stopped, ooh I think perhaps they have realised that we are upgrade material and now they are going to……………….. “Oh sorry I did not realise I had not signed my passport”
    “But you have had it 9 years”
    “I know but I have never been anywhere before”

    With a look that was a cross between confusion, sympathy and a need to put her into restraints, I asked if Amanda could sign her passport now so that we could board. The nice lady with the smile that could put snow white to shame (I liked this one!!!) let her sign the passport and we boarded. As we boarded I beat Amanda with a copy of the in-flight entertainment magazine, which was the most interested thing about it.

    Believe it or not the Flight was uneventful, which considering the events so far was a major achievement.

    We arrived safety at Orlando International Airport at about 16:30 and headed for immigration before collecting our bags.
    To my amazement Amanda sails through, no questions, passport stamped act. This is a good sign I thinks to my self, after all I’m a seasoned traveller, I don’t carry Swiss army penknives in my bag, and my passport is all signed.
    I hand over my passport to the stern looking man who reminds me a little of the guy in taxi who runs the taxi lot…Danny Diveto, small and wide. Oops sorry digressing again.
    “Have you been to the US of A before Mam”
    “Oh yes, last here in 2000” don’t know why he asked me that I thought its all in the passport.
    “I don’t think you were mam”
    You were not in the US of A in 2000 Mama”
    “Yes I was”
    “Not in this passport you were not”. At this stage he was beginning to sound like a vaudeville stage act. There were three US OF A stamps in my passport and I could not understand why this stupid man could not see them.
    “Well if I could have the passport back I could show them to you” I said in my sugary sweetie have a nice day voice.
    “Mam you get the passport back when I say not when you want it”
    I was getting a little bit fed up now; I think he was just peeved because he could missed the entry stamps from before. And I really wanted to shout at him, I could see Amanda out the corner of my eye s******ing at my failure to swan through immigration,

    He then asked me if I had ever stayed at some address in London, no I replied, I will ask you just one more time have you ever stayed at. Well im sorry, but I’m British, we struggled through two wars mate, and I’m not going to crack under your American interrogation. Sir I have been to the US of A many times, and I have never stayed at the said address in London. There you have it take that and stick it where the sun don’t………………………here you are mam have a nice holiday. Having shown the US of A how tough us Brits are, we ran as fast as we could to dollar rental incase the man who looked like Danny Diveto changes his mind.

    Into our Lovely little Red Dodge and out of the Airport……….and then back into the airport…don’t you just love that little loop that you can do if you miss your turn? Amanda drove and I hate to say it but she was excellent, took to it like a duck to water, I was responsible for the handbrake and directions. So we got lost, only briefly
    Took a wrong turn onto the toll road, but soon found our way again.

    Arrived at the Sheraton World resort with 28 acres of landscaped gardens. Young lady at check in gave us a very strange look and asked us if we would like a room with 1 king size bed and a sofa or two doubles. We just looked at her, so that’s two doubles then, handed us our keys and off we trot to room 1518.

    We enter our very large room and scout around the room for the man from immigrations. I was sure he was following us. Get changed and head out for the 10-minute drive to Sizzlers near the Mercado on I-Drive.

    40 minutes later Amanda announces that I am no longer in charge of directions and I’ll have to improve somewhat if I’m to keep the position of handbrake puller. I know going to sizzler opposite Mercado on I-Drive Via Downtown Disney seem a long way, but I was just getting my bearings, and once we passed the sign for the Magic Kingdom it all came rushing back to me. Eventually into said Sizzler, steak and Salad bar all you can eat x 2 $8.99 + 2 diet cokes all in $22.10. Ate, drank was merry and home to bed. Oh yes forgot to say, before we left room had to phone reception as loo would not flush and lights in bedroom did not work. Had a lovely note on our return, which stated that the light switch was below the lights!!! And the loo was now flushing. Ooh the embarrassment. Checked for FBI bugs under the beds and so off to bed, tired, fed but looking forward to the next week.

    Tomorrow it’s off to Magic Kingdom in search of Smax and Audrey,
  2. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    What an adventure :D

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  4. squitty

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    Mar 7, 2001
    Great start ...;)

    I dont like going through immigration either.:D
  5. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    ......... really enjoyed reading this :) I like your style! What do you think of the Sheraton World? We really enjoyed our stay there but it was a while ago now.
  6. Hilary

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    Feb 10, 2000
    I could tell that Amanda was going to be the trouble-maker!........:rolleyes:
  7. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    Good start, Tanya.

    We got told off for not havin our next of kins filled in on our passports.
  8. CarolynU

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    Feb 28, 2002
    Tanya this was an excellent read. What excitement! What was going on with immigration? I don't blame you for running. They are scary people. Carolyn
  9. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Great report Tanya - thank you :D

    I wonder what the problem was with Danny Devito??

    Oh well - off to read the next installment :D

    Thanks again

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