Day Four

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    Day Four, September 10

    Had some pretty decent French toast for breakfast in the Food Court, then went to Blizzard Beach. The old guy at the ticket barrier was a kick-and-a-half, and pulled BF aside to tell him about Summit Plummet. “I was in the Air Force, and even I don’t go on it!”

    I’d never been to a water park before and was apprehensive. For one thing, I’m not a supermodel (I’m not even a mediocre model). For another, water just isn’t my thing. However, the Tips Forum reassured me about stepping out in a bathing suit, so I decided to grit my teeth and deal with it. I actually had a LOT of fun. It was unbelievable the different shapes and sizes of people! Lots of quite large people wearing bikinis and Speedos. (Fashion tip for men: Speedos are never a good choice, unless you are (a) an Olympic-caliber swimmer or (b) European.) Loads of otherwise fit-looking women with really, really awful-looking thighs. I promise never to feel self-conscious about my own lack of physical charms ever again (at least, not till next Thursday).

    We did Cross Country Creek first, which was so lovely and relaxing. Then decided to do a slide, so we went to the Slush Gusher. I managed to push myself off okay, despite my chattering teeth and knocking knees. The ride down was a little scary, but Fun with a capital “F,” and my suit went completely up my … well, I’m sure you know.

    We did the wave pool for a while – such fun feeling weightless – then Teamboat Springs, which I really liked. There were only the two of us in the raft, so I wonder how different the ride is with a full raft. On to Snow Stormers (twice) and Runoff Rapids (oh, how I hate stairs!). Then back to Cross Country Creek. Lovely!

    After some hemming and hawing, BF decided he would do Summit Plummet. I politely declined to join him. So I held onto his water shoes (loved the water shoes!) and goggles while he made the climb. It was so funny watching everyone’s expression once they got to the bottom – sort of an “I think that was fun, but I’m really not sure” look. Had to buy BF an “I Survived” t-shirt (and myself a magnet).

    Decided we had had enough, and we were beginning to look a bit pink, so went back to the room via the Food Court for lunch. Wound up napping again (jet pause).

    Roused ourselves and went to WinterSummerland to use our Flexpoints (or whatever they’re called) and play two rounds of putt-putt. BF beat me both times. Sooooo hot! We were extremely glad to get the free mugs with the free Coke inside. It’s true: sometimes Coke really hits the spot. Also, I was bitten by a mosquito. I hope it hadn’t recently returned from vacationing among the pyramids. On the whole, we didn’t see many bugs (other than those nymphomaniac bugs) while at WDW. Those cute little lizards must really do the trick.

    The clouds were threatening while we played, and it had clearly rained at ASMo by the time we got back there (we had to go on the bus via the Dolphin and EPCOT), but we never saw any raindrops.

    Had dinner at the ASMu Food Court. BF played in ASMu’s arcade for a bit (not as many broken games), while I went to the shop and bought a 100 Years of Magic photo album and a souvenir book. Bought an All-Stars magnet back at the ASMo shop.
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    your trip report is making me laugh!!! You are saying all the things everyone else is thinking, including me....can't wait to read more.....
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    Aug 18, 2001
    We have never done a water park:(

    Maybe we should give it a try after your expicit description LOL

    Thanks for the post!
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    I am enjoying reading your reports... thanks for posting. You are quite whitty! ;)
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    Dec 12, 2001
    Oh but I know what you mean with the swomming togs! Thanks for making me laugh!! I hope next Thursday never comes...


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