Day 3 :Blizzard beach, a surprise and a long road for a short cut.

Tartan Tigger

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Oct 30, 2000
Day 3 Blizzard Beach and a long road for a short cut!!!!!!!

Cast : Myself (Johann)
Dsis (Tricia) aka Thumper Thistle

Woke bright and early, round about 7am. Had breakfast and we were standing in the line at the entrance to Blizzard Beach for 8.45am. Bought a refillable mug as soon as we entered. The CM explained how the scanning system works, sounds simple. We found loungers at the wave pool with the added bonus of getting them under an umbrella to provide us with a bit of shade. Had a swim in the waves after recovering from the shock of the cool water!!!!!! Then we went for a float around the lazy river, did get out of my tube at the ice cave and ran (the best you can run in water) through the ice cold water. I went on some of the slides myself. Tricia doesn’t do slides. My favourite is the enclosed slide at Runoff Rapids. After an hour or so I returned to the lounger. I am busy telling Tricia that nearly every person I have been queueing next to is British when I realise that everyone based beside us is British too. Was there a special discount for the Brits that day? LOL!!! I wonder if they liked our beach towels!!!! Went to get some lunch and fill the mug. I drank two full mugs as did Tricia before filling it for lunch. I had pizza and I think Tricia had a burger. After lunch I filled the mug again. The scanning simple to work although I did come across numerous people who just didn’t get it! Returned to lounger and I fell asleep. Woke up an hour later, glad I had the umbrella for shade. We both went on Teamboat Springs twice. The first time they let us have a raft to ourselves which was excellent, thought we were going to fly off when we went up the side. The second time we were doubled up with other people, still fun though. Had a last float in the lazy river and headed back to the hotel. Only waited 2 minutes for the bus.

When we arrived back in the room there was a present, beautifully gift wrapped sitting on the table. It had my name on it. I got over excited and staring at it said repeatedly “Who has sent me a present!” All the time Tricia was saying, “There’s a card in it, open it, open it!” It was from Emma, here on the DIS (Pixie Power!) wishing me a great holiday. I was so touched. Thank you Emma so so so much. It really made my day. Emma sent me a Tartan Tigger beannie, he was sitting in a gift box and was waving a St.Andrew’s flag and an autograph book. The card had Cinderella’s castle on the front. I put everything but the autograph book in the window. I saw loads of people stop to look at it and some people in very strange positions trying to read the card over the next 2 weeks. LOL!

Decide to head to Animal Kingdom to see the parade. Got through the bag search and the security man called me back. I had a straw in my resort mug and I couldn’t take it into the park. I told him I would put it in the bin. He started to follow me but stopped when I headed to the bin although he did keep watching me, he smiled and turned away when I put it in the bin. This was when I remembered that the Americans call it a trash can, not a bin, so chances are he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Unfortunately the sky decided to open up and drop lots of water on us, then came the thunder and lightning. We sheltered in the gift shop opposite Primeval Whirl along with the masses. Also bought ponchos here. Found a very comfortable shelf to sit on just by the door. The parade was cancelled. The rain continued for a while although it was mostly a drizzle. We saw the Festival of the Lion King show at 4.45pm and got seats in the giraffe section. I am still not convinced that a giraffe makes a noise like a sheep!!! Left Animal Kingdom after this show (which we thoroughly enjoyed as always!) to go to Disney Quest.

I suggested we get the bus to Transportation and Ticket Centre and swap for a Downtown Disney bus there. On the bus by 5.30pm. Arrive at TTC and wander round looking stupid and discover that buses don’t run to DD from TTC. “Oh what shall we do?” I decided we should get monorail to Epcot so we hop on because its there. Arrive at Epcot and get on a bus to Coronado Springs because its there and we haven’t been there before. Had a look around and went to the bus stop. No-one here so we must have just missed a bus.Waited ages for bus to come. As we were waiting three ducks came wandering across the road and headed for the bus stop. I couldn’t resist the temptation so I just went for it. I quacked at them and they quacked back. So now I know I can talk duck, I ask them (by quacking of course) what bus they are waiting for? They were heading for Animal Kingdom, I explained it closed at 6pm. This seemed to upset them, either that or I offended them with some quack and they started chasing me. Honestly they did. They were waddling fast. Thankfully the bus came and we jumped on leaving the ducks behind.
Could not get online at Disney Quest as it was so busy. I was disappointed as I wanted to send a thank you message to Emma. Tried out some of the games and I was given an e-mail address from Ken. He says he had spoken to me upstairs (in DQ) though I couldn’t remember him. Thinking back now he may have served us in the Cheesecake Factory and had since changed out of his uniform. Went shopping at the Marketplace which was also very busy and then returned to hotel.
Went to bed looking forward to tomorrow when we meet up with friends from home.
I was rolling in the floor about the ducks.. my daughter was trying to get the baby to sleep... MOTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... I am trying to get her sleep!!!..
Nice day! I like your real name TT, can't imagine why;)

Next time you know to smuggle your straw in your pocket like all good 'bad guys' LOL (I know it's to protect the animals, but if I smuggle it in, I won't let the animals get a hold of it);)

Thanks for the post!
Sounds like a great day! That was so nice of Emma to send you a gift at WDW. :D


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