Day 2 - Trip report 1 - IOA


Feb 13, 2001
Day 2 - Trip report 1 - Back to IOA

DS 10 yr and I woke up around 7 am, DH and DS 2 1/2 were still sleeping, so I put on a tiny pot of coffee ( good thing the maid left us extra) and I got ready to go back to the park. Since we only had until about 4 that afternoon before we had to go home, we decided to eat breakfast inside IOA. It was real quiet all around the hotel, until we got by the lobby and heard the music playing, woke us right up! Not too many people inside the park, we wanted to eat at Green eggs and ham but they were not open yet, so we went in Croissant Moon and we had the ham and egg sandwiches which were very good, and kids had muffins and cinnamon rolls. Too sweet for me.
After breakfast, we went to Suess landing again, and then just made the rounds of the park again. We stopped in front of the mystic fountain, there were a couple of kids standing in front of it talking to it, my son walked past the side not even looking at it, and it squirted him pretty good. It was pretty fun to watch, kids loved the water gushing up out of it. Sounds like the wizard of oz. We also went to Jurrasic Park and the dinosaur was fantastic, so real looking and amazing. DH and DS 10 yr decided to start doing all the water rides, they loved them all. They kept saying that Spiderman, the Hulk, and Fire were the best rides, but there was not a single ride that they did not like. And they are not that easy to please, believe me!
At 11:00 we went back to HRH to check out because we were not sure what time to do it. We went to the lobby and looked for a check-out desk. I asked the concierce (sp?) if they had a separate desk and he said no, they are all the same but we could use our express check out form to check out, or we could try on our room tv. We did not get an express form so back to the room to try. I pulled up our bill on the tv, and lo and behold, the one and only beer that my hubby had drank from the mini bar, cost $32.70!!
So, we could not check out that way either. Back to the lobby.
Well, the line had about 12 people in it waiting, so we stood for a moment and saw a employee named IKE walk by holding a clipboard. I stopped him and told him about the charge and he went to a back office and took care of our bill. When he gave the new bill to us, my hubby replied that we still owed for a beer, but IKE told us to forget it. He said that the maid had not checked the minibar between the last guests and us. However, when we first opened the minibar, it seemed to be stocked. He impressed me with his ability to handle the situation quickly. I don't know if he was in management but I thought he should be.
After checking out, we packed the car and back to the park for the last few hours of fun. Stopped at the pool bar at HRH before going to get a couple of glasses of ice for the kids drink bottles. Really nice people working there, eager to please.
Back inside of IOA, we ate lunch at wimpy's, was not very good, but DS wanted to eat at Comic Strip Cafe ( was his turn to pick) and they were packed, Blondies was packed, so Wimpys it was.
Oh well, too hot to eat too much anyway, but I think we went thru a case of water ( no, I didn't bring it, I paid the 2.50 a bottle, ugh) while we were there.
Back to more water rides, can't wait till my little one is big enough to go on them. He will love them.
My ds wanted to get his picture drawn before we left, but most of the stands that did that were packed with people. And since he had to spend his own $20. on it, the wait gave him time to change his mind and spend it once we got home. Which btw, he got a rollercoaster playstation game at walmart with it.
We left the park around 3:30 , after once again, they did spiderman and the hulk,we went back to the hotel, once again asked the pool bar staff for ice for the road, and started driving. Home by 7:30.
My final thought to come in next post.

You really know how to pack alot of fun into a few hours. Wasn't FOTL wonderful? Did you use your own stoller for your small one?
Yes I took my own stroller, it reclines and I know my son will fall asleep when he just can't take it anymore. And he did on the last day about 1/2 hour before we left the park. Slept thru half the ride home. the ones at the park look nice, canopy over top to keep sun out, but they seem rather wide, more like a double stroller and no padding, I would find that harder to manuveur thru all the people. I saw alot of little ones just walking though, but I like mine confined!!
Even in a grocery store, no freedom for my 2 yr old....



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