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Jan 23, 2000
We had a very relaxing cruise aboard our Carnival ship the Imagination. We are now looking forword to our Disney cruise in 8 weeks. I wore my DCL red sun visor and carried my DCL beach bag the whole trip :). We were looking forword to checking out Grand Cayman on this cruise but we ended up not getting off the ship.

The day of Grand Cayman a medical emergency happened early in the AM. We had to turn around and go back to Key West (which was not a port of call for us). The US Coast Guard came out to the ship and a 76 yr. woman was taken off for medical reasons. We were suppose to arrive in Grand Cayman at 7:00 am and ended up arriving at 2:00 pm. There were a total of 5 cruise ships in port and we were told Grand Cayman only had 4 tenders. The tenders were busy getting the other cruise ship passengers back to their ships before they attempted to unload our ship. After waiting 1 1/2 hr.'s Dave and I decided to just stay aboard because we had early dining and wouldn't really have that much time on the island. People who did get off complained because they were rushed in their shore excursions and the shops close at 5:00 so most missed the shopping. The island looks alot like Castaway Cay. Flat and low lying vegetation. I will have to wait until March 2003 to check out the 7 mile beach. I did save the excursion offerings because most will be offered by DCL.

Our weather was fantastic and Jamaica was absolutely gorgeous. We did climb the famous Dunn's River Falls. It is not an easy excursion. A few people did twists some ankels and knees.

The airport security was good. Not quite what I expected but good. I like the idea they keep checking ID's to tickets. I am glad we went because now I know what to expect this March when traveling with our entire family. Kathy
Welcome back!!! You picked a good week to be away since the site was down for awhile!!!

Welcome back. We are like two ships passing in the night since we leave for Orlando tomorrow morning at 4AM. Sounds like you had a great time despite the emergency. Hope to meet up with you guys again.
Welcome back, Kathy! That's too bad about Grand Cayman, though...I was looking forward to hearing your impressions.

Glad to hear you all had a good time despite the unexpected itinerary change! :)
Surprising to hear the logistical problem of not enough tenders. I hope that's not a recurring problem when the Magic starts calling at Grand Cayman.
I am worried also about the tender problem. I was surprised there was only 4. We never had a problem in St. Maarten and there were other ships being tendered in along with us Magic cruisers. I thought 5 large cruise ships were a lot for how small Grand Cayman was. I am hoping the Magic is the only ship in port when we go.

Stingray City looked like a great excursion. We also like the 7 mile long Island beach break excursion but because of the tender problem we missed it. Also the shops close at 5:00 pm. Nice to know before the Magic gets there. The other cruise ships all left around 3:00 pm and I believe the Magic leaves at 5:00 pm.

I am also glad we missed the great DIS being down. It is such a withdrawal! I think everyone needs to also book mark cruisecritic.com because they have boards for all the lines, their Disney one isn't as active as this one but it is still a DCL board.

Bon Voyage(sp?) to Mr. and Mrs. Towncrier. As I post this you should be on the Magic and getting close to leaving port! Hope your seas are as smooth as ours were.
:D Kathy


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