Current Character Situation in IOA and USF


Nov 3, 2013
I have seen some videos from recent times of people meeting characters from a distance (behind barricades etc). What's the current situation? Are most of the characters still out in some capacity or are they cut down to a select few? Are they coming out on schedule or is it random? I checked the Universal app and it's pretty vague on what characters could appear. My kids are big into meeting characters and they have always used KTP's Character Locator service at WDW. However the Universal listings look like they might not have been updated since before COVID.


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Dec 30, 2004
Back last weekend. Didn’t really ‘look’ for characters. Did notice Homer peering out his camper window US & various marvel characters on stage IoA just past spiderman. Smart they set that one up in the shade.

Even tho distanced they were ‘interacting’ with the guests. Anyone’s guess if/when that will be modified going forward

Since it’s a fluid situation, suggest you inquire during your trip at GS or the character’s handler (look for a TM with a clipboard), they should be able to help you as to the current schedule.


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Sep 16, 2008
All the characters we saw 2 weeks ago were still socially distanced (ropes) but we did see a LOT of them out. Groot and the girls, Scooby and the gang, Homer, Trolls, Patrick & Sponge Bob.

My daughter is 16 so we were not looking for them. I’m not sure where you would find a schedule or if they even have a set schedule like Disney.


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Jul 22, 2017
I think the only ones that are scheduled are the ones that meet at a permanent built location, like Donkey, Blue at the raptor encounter, the rotating Transformer, Knight bus operator etc. But also there are pop-up characters - a Madagascar penguin or lemur, the Simpsons, Seuss characters, Marvel characters, Scooby gang, Hogwarts Express conductor, Puss n boots. They are intermittent but you can find them about 1/2 the time at their set. You will see several in a casual loop of the parks.


Apr 8, 2004
We saw marvel characters (Spiderman and Rogue) and Popeye and Betty Boop. They were doing photos with guests albeit at a slightly socially distanced. . distance. 😁
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