Cruise and Theme Park Operational Updates due to Coronavirus


DIS Veteran
Mar 26, 2014
If 5/28 is the day they wiped everything that would be why they picked it, no? They’re differentiating between ones they cancelled ahead of time and ones that just didn’t happen.

Yeah looks like they are using the date they cancelled everything as the date they are giving compensation for.

Like so many thing in all this you can make arguments for so many different dates. That is simply the one they chose.
  • WonderlandisReality

    Oct 23, 2016
    Apparently a few people can get in and make reservations. I am still on the paws screen. I am awake now. No point trying to go back to sleep.
    Good luck all.
    If you get in please update how you did it.

    Leigh L

    DIS Veteran
    Oct 8, 2019
    Got a tip on the ADR thread (!

    You've got to go through a site that allows you to search for dining (but isn't allowed to be posted here).

    Also, once you do get ADRs, modifications in MDE are working right now. I had to pick all weird times, but was able to adjust them to what I wanted. Reservations are bookable through 8/28 as far as I can tell - EDIT: just confirmed the latter in MDE, if I go to adjust, I can only modify through 8/28).


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