Crowds during August 25-Sept 2


Earning My Ears
Oct 15, 1999
Does anyone know how the crowds are during August 25-Sept 2?

Is this a good time to go?

and the crowd was pretty manageable and the lines moved surprisingly fast even for the most popular rides like Back To the Future, Earthquake, Kongfrontation, and Jaws.

The longest wait we had as far as ride lines was for MIB. Also, the Terminator 2 3-D show had somewhat of a wait but it moved quickly as well as the Twister attraction. In years past, I have usually gone towards the beginning of August but by being there during the end of August for the first time last year there was a definite decrease in the number of people there.

I think it has to do with the fact that most schools have already opened up by that time. So, I think you are certainly going at a really good time where there will still be some crowds around but not the 'big summer crush' kind that is normally concentrated at the heart of summer season.

I hope you have a nice trip.
We were there during that time in 1999, actually the week eariler, and also found the crowds to be very managable. So much so, we are going back during that time again this year.



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