Could someone tell me what the procedure is after I cross the finish line?

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  1. princessmomma

    princessmomma DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2001
    How long does it take for me to be processed through the finish line? Do we get pushed along to the "buffet"? When do we get our bag from the tents?

    I was wondering how long it will be before I see my DH and kids? This will depend on whether I pack an after race bag (long sleeved shirt, extra socks, shoes, etc.). I really don't want the hassle and would prefer DH to just have them at the finish line for me, but will it take 15, 30, 45 min?? before I see him?

    I also want to get a 10 minute rub down/massage. When does that happen?

  2. TiffJ

    TiffJ DIS Veteran

    Dec 26, 2002
    Good questions. I need to know these too. We will also have to scoot off to the 5k right after for DS & DH.
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  4. DisneyGirl

    DisneyGirl DIS Veteran

    Jan 17, 2005
    Last year, you actually make it through the finish line pretty quickly-- you cross the line, and straight ahead, you'll see a bunch of people handing out medals. You get your medals, and then will be given a piece of mylar (I still have no idea what this is for-- does anyone know??). This takes, maybe 5 minutes.

    Then, you get in line for your picture (if you want), and that could take a while, depending on how many people finished around the time you did, and how long the line is. I think it took about 20 minutes, and I finished close to the 3.5 hour mark (Half).

    next, you can go to get your food, and pick up your bags-- after that, it kind of depends where you choose to meet your family/friends. If they are meeting you right there, you may have already gotten together. If not, it is quite a long trek back to the hotel. The bus lines were ridiculous-- it would probably have taken hours. I ended up making what seemed like another 13 mile trek to the monorail and taking the magic kingdom bus back to my resort (which took forever because I was in pain, and probably walking less than 1 mile per hour :-))

    Of course, since the finish line is in a different place, it may be a little different this year-- but if you meet your family at the finish line (and have some way to alert them you're there), it should be pretty quick. Maybe arrange to meet them at the right side of the food tent or something?? I think there are family meet tents, but from what I remember, those were pretty crowded as well...
  5. wiskband

    wiskband I can't wait till tomorrow....why? because I get b

    Sep 2, 2003
    lol! after race is a blurry memory for me! I was sooooooooooooooo happy I finished I think thats why I cant remeber specifics............
    I do remember the pictures and lots of food. the busses are right there waiting for you. And I believe there were tents with letter such as A-E, and so on. Myfamily didnt veiw last year cause wasnt sure how it was gonna work but this year I inisist they be there.

    As far as after the race, thngs are pretty well organized. you shouldnt have a problem finding one another.... as far as possesions, I brough way too much last year! this year I am bringing a minimal amount of stuff. I stayed in the same clothes I began with till I got back to my room too.
    godd luck.

  6. Lisa loves Pooh

    Lisa loves Pooh DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2004
    mylar is a blanket---it keeps you warm in case you get the chills....very very advisable to use it even if you finished a very hot race.

    My process was cross, get in wheelchair (had the flu, so I was about done!), get medal & mylar, go get photo taken (out of wheelchair--don't need photographic evidence of that)...and then my next stop was the med tent (all was fine!).

    From what I heard--there was opportunity to get your medal engraved....also a spot to get a massage---but pretty much once you get your photo taken--you are done with all of the official stuff--your next stop should be for water and food (or med tent if you are in need of any first aid!).

    I don't recall how bags were arranged--but as you get towards the max finish time--they had bundled all the leftover bags into one tent.
  7. 10nis

    10nis Mouseketeer

    Nov 2, 2004
    Last year at the full--crossed the finish line, then into chutes, got the medal, took the photo w/ no wait at all. At this point there is an "open" area where other runners are hanging around--waiting for runners to finish. You take a left and get your food/drinks. There are a maze of different tents at this point--medical, massage, more food, bag pick up (if you drop off a bag at the start to have avail at the finish). Then--the next area of tents is the "family reunion" tents, this is where you would want to meet up w/ your family--they are arranged alphabetically. They won't be allowed back in the "runners" area.
    If your family is going to be at the spectator area for the finish, after you cross the finish line they could make their way to the family reunion tents and you would probably get there at the about the same time--if you don't stop to have the massage first!!
    Last year we just got the medal, photo, mylar and drinks--took about 5 minutes to get out of the runners area. Then we walked to the front of EPCOT --(we walked back to BWI from the finish). It took about 10 min to get to the front entrance of EPCOT from the end staging area.
    Good luck and have fun
  8. jkh1978

    jkh1978 DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2005
    Are runners allowed to leave the runners area, meet family, then go back to get a massage and food/drinks?
  9. Lisa loves Pooh

    Lisa loves Pooh DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2004
    I think your race number is your access "ticket". But you can double check at Expo.

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