Coronado Springs vs. Value resorts??


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May 29, 2005
For our honeymoon, do you think Coronado Springs would be better than one of the value resorts? Obviously, I'd like to stay in a nicer place, but it's a difference of about $400 in price.. and I'm wondering if it's worth it.

If you say one of the value resorts -- which one do you think is the best?


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Jun 22, 2004
We have stayed at both value and moderate and though we do prefer moderates (CSR is our favorite), I think no matter where you choose, you will have a great honeymoon-you are in WDW!
If you decide to save the money on the resort and spend that on other things (like nice dinners or maybe a special cruise)-I suggest Pop Century-it is new and has a lot of fans. On the flip side, CSR is an amazing resort-we honeymooned there last May. The resort is beautiful and very romantic. They were wonderful to us too-free upgrade to water view (wonderful) and balloons in our room when we arrived. Would highly recommend CSR-in my opinion it is worth it for your special trip but thats entirely up to you!
Congratulations on your disneymoon! :cheer2:


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Sep 6, 2003
and will go back to both. But no doubt in my mind for your honeymoon go to CSR. A whole difference experience, beautiful resort, you can't go wrong.


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Mar 2, 2005
I have stayed at CSR, but not a value until we get back from our July trip. We were married at Disney and spent some of our weddingmoon at Wl and some at CSR. THey were both very romantic. We enjoyed our time at both. If it were me I'd go for CSR. I must confess I'm a little nervous about our upcoming stay at the POP. None the less I'm very excited though. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time no matter where you stay. Congratulations!


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Mar 20, 2005
It's your honeymoon-- definitely do the CS!!!
The values are nice but tend to be clustered together and the mods are more spread out, which makes them a little more quiet and private-- IMO.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding!


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Jan 18, 2005
We stayed at CSR this past Sunday night after 8 days at AKL. I was glad to get the room since EVERYTHING was booked (We lucked into a cancellation at CSR after many calls.) but not overly excited (since I'd not heard much about this resort AND we were moving from a deluxe to a moderate). Well, my entire family ended up LOVING CSR just as much (but in a different way) as AKL. We were in Building 2 of the Casitas -- room 2146 on the first floor. We had a long fountain outside our room (beautiful at night when lit) and the quiet pool off at an angle. I'd love to stay here again.


Jul 11, 2004
Definitely CS for the honeymoon. I stayed there a few years ago and it seemed just a bit more secluded and less hectic, maybe because it does not seem to be a first choice for families (even though I was with mine). There is a beautiful pool which never seemed crowded.

Congrats and have a great time! :earsboy:


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Feb 16, 2001
definitely do CSR. I have been at both, and would not describe the values as romantic. CSR on the other hand definitely would lend itself to the occasion.

Enjoy, and Congrats!

Jun 6, 2001
For a honeymoon I would definitely stick with CSR. The beaches, pools, restaurants make for a romantic atmosphere. It is much more adult oriented than the All Stars. Check out my website for pics and video.


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May 16, 2000
Absolutely CSR & Absolutely worth every single penny! This is your Honeymoon, you only get one, so $400 is not really that big a deal for a once in a Lifetime experience like a Honeymoon. CSR is really a Deluxe Lite kind of resort. My DB & DSIL honeymooned there & loved it.

CSR is a much more adult resort. You will be able to lounge in the Hot Tub, in a Hammock over a white sandy beach, have a nice dinner at your resort at Maya Grill. You will have access to a health club & salon, marina, rent bikes....stroll hand in hand around Lago Dorado.....

At the Values, you will have a very child oriented theme (great for kids & families, not so romantic for couples or Honeymooners) You can eat in a noisy food court, you can swim, but no Hot Tub. No boat or bike rentals, no hammocks. You can stroll hand in hand amongst giant, brightly painted icons. If you're lucky, you will be there with Pop Warner & the Cheerleaders.....


May 14, 2000
Everyone has an opinion but to me it is no comparison, CSR is much better. Check out my website below for pics, links and info


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Mar 18, 2004
I would go with Coronado also. Its such a nice place and really relaxing! Hands down I would go CS over Value if I could afford it.


No comparison. We like CSR as much as some of the deluxes!!!!


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