Continental Called Me


DIS Veteran
Nov 18, 2000
Leaving Wednesday on Continental and my tickets have been confirmed for months. Got a message on my answering maching that Continental called and wanted to know if I was going to make my scheduled confirmed flight on Wednesday out of Newark.
I figure the flight is overbooked and they want to take a headcount of who is going to show up.
We will not give up our seats as we are anxious to get to Orlando and then Port Canaveral in anticipation of our cruise on the Wonder on Thursday.
The website shows only first and business class seats available on that flight.

Beverly Lynn

comfortably numb
Oct 17, 1999
They may offer you an earlier flight plus free rt tkts if you change to an earlier one.....its worth it to call and see what they have to offer. I know people who live for these kinds of calls.


Earning My Ears
May 1, 2001
She's right!

Call that number. And if your plans are at all flexible (if you can even leave a day early, offer them to do so if they'll put you up somewhere at the other end -- they probably will!) tell them so.

If they're doing this, it means they KNOW that they're going to need serious numbers of volunteers or they'll begin bumping.

And they can bribe passengers cheaper than the statutory damages if they bump passengers.

Have a great trip! I'm jealous..... never been on a boat bigger than the Martha's Vineyard ferry.


Joe Hurley

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