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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by wls23, Apr 16, 2004.

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    Mar 23, 2004
    We are considering a DVC purchase of a Boardwalk re-sale. I have a couple of questions though - any help is greatly appreciated.

    1) What benefits (aside from actual housing) do DVC members get? (i.e. free parking? discount admission to parks, etc)

    2) Can you 'buy' additional points? (i.e. if we purchased 200 points, and needed an additional 50 or so for a stay, can we/how do we do this?) Also, at this point in time, it's only myself and my husband, so we would be able to do a studio or a 1 bedroom, but what happens once kids are in the picture and we need a 2 bedroom? do i need to account for those additional points at the time of purchase?

    3) what is 'renting points' and how does that work?

    4) is there a website, other than the disney vacation club website and Timeshare store, where i can get additional information on DVC?
  2. spiceycat

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    Oct 26, 2000
    last question first

    1) all WDW resort guest (including DVC) get free parking - both at your resort and at the theme parks - DVC members also get Free VALET parking at DVC resort only.

    there are certain restuarants that give DVC members discounts, we also get discounts off the WDW tours, golf courses and several other things.

    I don't like the ticket discount - it is 10% of Ulimate Park Hopper - I don't like this pass so this discount does not help me.

    2) you can buy additional points - but BWV is official sold out - so if you want you additional points there for the 11 month reservation period - then it will be another resale contract.
    DVC generally onlys does add on for what they are currently selling - which is SSR.

    3) If you know one year that you aren't going to use all your points - and you have no need to bank them - or you need the money worst than the points one year - you can rent your points -it is your decision.

    there is generally a greater demand for points - than people renting them. However if you want money for your points than $10 a point - I would suggest renting locally in your newspaper.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    2. If you were to 'buy' additional points, you would have them forever as spiceycat described....I think that you were asking about needing extra points for just one trip....NO, you can NOT buy extra points to round out a stay from Disney....sometimes you can get a room for cash with the DVC cash discount, often, the resort is full and you have no availability of have to pay full rack rate.

    you can rent points from a DVC member to get transfered into you account for one year.

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