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Jan 19, 2001
I received complimentary 2-day passes.Are these considered multi-day passes, which will allow front of the line access? thanks
No pass gives you front of the line access. Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel or Portofino Bay Hotel give you Front of the Line Access.
I think my 3 day pass gives me front of the line privilages from the time it opens till 11. but I bought these last year. We didn't know it at the time. We were and still are Newbies to IOA/US. but after I came home I found out, thanks to this site. so try doing a search for front of the line...

Hi I just was looking around and at the bottom of this page is a post that tells all about it. So my information was from last year! Look under this. I have no idea how to make it a link EXPRESS NO LINE, NO WAIT


Express was a program that (last year) allowed you with a multi day pass to have access to front of the line for the first 2 hours the park was open. This has been discontinued. A new system will soon be implemented that will allow people with multi day passes to use a kiosk enabling them to get a fast pass for up to 3 rides/attractions every 2 hours. Onsite guests will be able to use this also with the added benefit of FOTL access to most rides/attractions once per day w/o using the fast pass. :)

New System


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