Check-In window? Can I arrive before?


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Sep 27, 2002
I checked in for my cruise that departs on Monday out of Port Canaveral. It gave me an arrival window of 1pm-1:30pm. Do I have to check-in during this time or can I check-in earlier?

We turn our rental in at 10am and I don't want to sit around that long in the terminal waiting for our 1pm time window.

Thanks :)
yes you can ... probably .... there have been times when the terminals had to queue folks outside the building because too many arrived early and the fire department DOES enforce maximum occupancy rules ....

so if you do, don't complain about crowds and long lines and long waits

the assignment of times is to 'spread the load'

everyone wants to get 'maximum time' for their vacation hence everyone wants to be early

it is unusual for boarding to begin b4 11 .... often closer to 1130

IME you'll have much lower stress if you can arrive later but .........

(we typically arrive around 1230 and can go from curb to check in to on board in 30 minutes ... the 'crowd' is already on board, most of the time we can go straight to our cabin to drop carry on and there's still PLENTY of time for lunch)
I see you are leaving on Monday (May 27) .... that means a smaller RCL ship (not OASIS class) that's a plus

BUT the port load on Monday is BIG ... 14,000 passengers capacity on 5 ships ......

(and this means 14,000 arriving by ship to go home ..... and 14,000 arriving to board)

rental places are gonna be a lil crazy ....... shuttles probably a wee bit full

plan accordingly


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