Celebs at HRH Next Week for GRAND OPENING Celebration


Feb 27, 2000
For anyone staying at HRH next Monday or Tuesday...

This is from Sundays New York Post:
"WHILE Ravens QB Trent Dilfer got to go to Disney World after winning the Super Bowl, vanquished Giants head coach Jim Fassel and star safety Jason Sehorn are planning a more grown-up trip. They'll be joining the likes of Yankee hurler Roger Clemens, wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Sable, and Tampa lineman Warren Sapp at the Feb. 26-27 opening of the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal's Orlando theme park. Fassel and Sehorn should by then be celebrating new and extended contracts with the Giants. "

Can also be found at:

I thought Hulk Hogan was there earlier this month.


Barry Hom
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We'll be there those 2 days. I didn't know that was their Grand Opening. Are there any special events planned for those days?


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Check out the Hard Rock Cafe website, it has info on their Grand Opening and some events. Unfortunatly, I was about 2 weeks to early. Enjoyed HRH anyway.

(sorry I don't know how to list links to websites)


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