Car rental Confusion?


Earning My Ears
Apr 4, 2000
We are going to WDW in Sept and want to rent a car!I have the entertainment book,in process of getting emerald aisle from national,and DC.Now how do I put this all together to get the best rate for a full size for 9 days.Also can I book this early without knowing my arrival time.There is so much info here but I'm getting confused.Please help! Thanks
Now it's time to start plugging numbers and days into the and seeing what you can come up with. I'm sure people on here can help you out with any current promotional codes. When I rented from National this past September, I used the Emerald Club Card, the Entertainment coupon, and a discount code that people here were giving out and got a great, low rate for a week. Depending on how far along you are in the process with the Emerald Club, you can call them and speed the process along by having them fax you the other information they need or they should be able to give you your number so you can use it to make your reservation. Good luck!
Yikes!!!!!!! just did a rate quote $394.00 for 9 days .... I DON"T THINK SO..........that was with no codes or coupons. Thanks I'll keep checking. Almost forgot that was for a full size.
I've been searching daily. Also an EC member. The best rates I found are with the DC coupon and the Emerald Contract code. Currently a full size for 9 days in February is $220 with taxes.
You can book now if you find a really good rate. The reservation can always be modified.

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It definitely makes a difference when you are going, prices seem to vary widely and I guess I must have just been lucky when I was there. I think we got a full-size car for 7 days for just over $100 (that includes all taxes, surcharges, etc.). Keep checking or check some other companies, you might find a better deal with someone else. Good luck!


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