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    Feb 12, 2007
    I have a few questions regarding cancellation/rescheduling a trip to WDW. We are currently scheduled to visit from Dec 15th – 22nd. We have booked a package deal and paid a small amount on it. We may need to cancel or reschedule this trip. My first question is, if we need to cancel the trip this needs to be done at the 45 day mark correct? The second question is, we did purchase the trip insurance Disney offered, and I think we can reschedule without any penalties. Is that correct and how far out could we reschedule?

    Actually, if all of you could send out the good vibes in my direction I can work out some issues and not have to worry about the trip. If any of you are familiar with another situation I posted about, this is somewhat related but not as bad. Things are getting better around the house and I am discovering more about the causes of stress in the house. My DW is a SAHM, who teaches preschool during the school year, during the summer months we don’t have her pay to help out. Anyway, I have been in my job about three months after a very brief period of unemployment from a previous employer. This is a good job with a little bit better pay, but the insurance is much worse. The monthly premium is double what we had and the coverage is worse. I am grateful we have any insurance but… Well our summer is off to a rough start, causing a lot of stress around the house. My DW goes to the dentist and finds that she has one cavity and one cracked tooth, requiring a crown. Our dental has a 1K annual maximum for the family. Well with both kids and myself already visiting the dentist, this work would put us over the top there. Additionally the crown would be about $500 out of pocket.

    My DW has had really bad heartburn for years, and after a checkup recently her Doc wants her to go to a GI specialist, because he is concerned it could actually be an ulcer. Ok of course, the endoscopy and all that is covered at about 50% after a $150 co pay.

    My DS8 has some sort of ADHD and ended the school year on a bad note and we can tell some things are really affecting his attitude and self esteem so we need to find somebody for him to talk to. Oh yeah the car needs work also. We have already cancelled a beach trip next month to help out, and that will defiantly help.

    So with all of this going on the idea is being kicked around of canceling the trip. Fortunately, we have some time before that decision has to be made. Now I am in the process of working getting a new job. The company I am negotiating with is top notch, with excellent insurance. They even cover all insurance costs for the employee. The pay would be about a 20% raise, and the work would be doing stuff I really enjoy. At this point a handshake deal has been reached as far as Me being the one they want to replace the gentleman who is retiring. The main question is timing. They don’t seem to be in as much of a rush as I am (Are they ever?) Currently they are thinking two to three months. I think the first of October would be pushing it, but we at least wouldn’t have to cancel completely. The sooner the better for peace of mind. So any good thoughts would be appreciated. I didn’t intend for this to turn into such a long post, but it feels good just to talk about it.
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    Sending Pixie Dust your way and a group hug. Keep at it, sounds like things may be looking up in the job area for you. Hope your DW is ok and your son. Don't give up on the trip until near the 45 day mark, maybe things will become clearer at that point. Or can you change to a less expensive resort? You didn't post were you are staying. Let us know if we can give any more ideas to help. It was determined at age 9 that my own son was a mild case of ADHD. He is now 23 and doing wonderful. Has a degree as an automotive Technician. He took a low dose of adderall XR 1 time a day 10 mg when he was young and 20 mg in high school college. :goodvibes
    pixiedust: pixiedust: :grouphug:

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