Can this be done using ME??

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Munchkin'sMommy, Feb 24, 2009.

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    We are scheduled to check in at the Wilderness Lodge on August 1. However due to flight schedules out of DFW, we are leaving late Friday evening and staying at the Renaissance Hotel for one night before checking in at Disney so that we do not lose a day of touring by arriving late Saturday.

    So what I thought about doing is taking the airport shuttle back to the airport Sat morning and checking in with ME for the ride to the WL. I know you have to give them your flight information when you book the ME, so is this going to be an issue to check in a day after our flight arrives?

    We are flying Airtran out of DFW and I think our flight arrives around 11 or so on Friday. Saturday flight schedules within our price range were horrible with either really long layovers in ATL or very short layovers so that is why we are leaving Friday instead.

    Can someone please help? Thanks! ;)
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    We are doing exactly what you are talking about this week! We land at MCO around 9pm Thursday(weather permitting) and are staying at Residence Inn MCO. We will take the shuttle back to MCO in the am and take ME to POR. Instead of confuse the ME people, I simply picked a flight that landed in the am on our WDW check in day and all is good.

    Have a great trip.

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    Yes, you can do this. You are eligible to get a DME ride to your resort on your check-in day no matter when you actually flew into MCO (you don't even need to fly in at all!).

    But do yourself a favor here. Don't call the Disney Reservations Center (407-W-DISNEY) to make the DME reservation, because the cast member you speak with may or may not know that want you want to do IS permitted, and even if they know that they might not know how to book it.

    Instead, call DME directly (866-599-0951) to make this reservation, because they'll understand that you ARE allowed to do it this way, and that they won't require flight information for this type of reservation. However, DME doesn't have access to your resort reservation until 60 days prior to check-in day, so you can't call DME before then. [Your DME reservation is a function of your resort reservation, so before they can access your reservation info, they can't help you.]

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