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    Jan 18, 2005
    I have been lurking for a while while getting my determination up to do this again. I need to lose a LOT of wieght and I've been on WW but not having too much success. I'm great at sabotaging myself. It is so overwhelming to think that I need to lose close to 100lbs. It seems like such a long road. My dr. said I would be a candidate for weight loss surgery but I really don't want to do that.

    I have a trip planned to WDW in mid-August and I'd like to lose at least 20 lbs. I don't want to have to use an extension belt on the plane. I never had to yet and I sure don't want to now. I want to be able to move more comfortably and not sweat 35 gallons in a single day! I guess I just need some support.

    Is there anyone out there that lost this much weight? How did you do it? I want to start walking but I don't know how slow to start. I have rheumatoid arthritis so there are some days where it's really a chore to move let alone walk but I am going to do it!
    Anyway, thanks for listening! :sunny:
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    First I want to say :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
    I want to applaud you on your bravery to come out of lurking and share your goals. You are already over the biggest "hump" in weight loss...deciding to lose the weight...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I personally would like to suggest a couple of things to get you started. Mind you, I am not a doctor, I am just someone who also has to lose a lot of weight (75lbs..have lost 30 of it already..hooray for me).

    1) Don't even think about the total amount of weight you want to lose, just
    put it completely out of your mind. Start with a goal of like 20lbs. It will
    get you started, and get you an attainable goal and not overwhelm you.

    2) If you can walk at all, get walking. Even if you start at like 5 minutes, get
    out there and do it. I would suggest walking just until you feel OK with
    no aches or pains. Then the next day add a couple of mins, the next
    day more, etc. Walking is the best 1st step to exercise.

    3) Consult a physician. You would really be surprised how successful this
    can be. I HATE going to the Dr. and did'nt do this my 1st time around
    and failed.

    4) ALWAYS keep an "I can do it" mentality and super positive outlook. If you
    have this, you will succeed, guaranteed.

    5) Don't expect rapid weight loss! It takes time to lose weight correctly, and
    it can be frustrating. I would suggest, instead of weighing, to measure
    yourself. This shows actual results and is a better way to go IMO.

    Hope this helps a little, as a fellow dieter, I wish you the best of luck, you can DO IT!!!!
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    Oct 8, 2001
    :welcome: LBAK and what an inspirational reply you have already gotten! I agree that you have taken your first of many steps on this journey by saying out loud your goals, breaking them into mini-goals that are attainable, and seeking support. you are so smart :teeth:

    i will be honest to you that i don't know the challenges you face of your long-term goal, but i can say there are lots of WISHers who will and will have lots of positive mojo for you; and secondly i do think that no matter what the difference in our challenges may be, you will cross paths with lots of folks here facing similar mental struggles and this is a great place to muddle through them together! there are also a couple others WISHers who have mentioned rheumy type diseases, so maybe connecting would be a great way to encourage each other. My daughter has JRA so i intellectually understand but i can never really understand what you go through. but we will encourage you to get moving and you know that will help your joints!

    as for starting to walk -- get yourself fitted for a good pair of shoes at a running store if you can afford it (Fleet Feet, etc) , treat yourself to a really nice pair of wicking socks, lace up and go. it's that easy but do take care of your feet to prevent injury. if you want to walk indoors try Leslie Sanson's Walk Away the Pounds workouts (check your library for those first). i have a path near my home and that is my good weather walking arena. in the winter i use a treadmill at my fitness center and days when i can't leave i do my WATP videos. plan for different scenarios so you can't make excuses ;) it's hard to get started, i'm not trying to poo-poo that, but it makes such a big difference and you will feel soooo much better! do you have an ipod? load it up with fast paced music you love to keep you moving. but most importantly just do it -- whatever you can do and gradually add more like lionqueen already suggested. don't be hard on yourself if your first walk is only 10 mins -- that 10 more mins than before right? think positive!

    PD and again welcome to the WISH board!
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    Feb 2, 2004
    :wave2: HELLO!!!!

    Welcome to WISH, I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that you are not alone. When I first started I had 63 pounds to lose, I know not as much as you, but when you used to weigh 119lbs, and weighed in at WW at 208, it seems like 100lbs. I know that I will never be 119lbs again, and frankly I do not want to be that low, after having my first DD, I became anorexic(all I ever ate was lettuce and water) so I have set a different healthier weight goal for myself. I would like to get down to 145lbs. Anyway, I really know what you are going through about sabatogging(sp??) yourself, because I used to do it all the time. I have tried so many diets it's not even funny. Finally on Feb. 3rd 2006 I started my WW journey. I weighed in at 208(and almost fell to the floor..I hadn't realized I let myself go that much) To date I have lost a total of 22.8 pounds. You know what, at first I thought I could never do this, but I have learned to take it day by day and week by week. Here is how I have accomplished the weight loss so far...

    1-Get rid of ALL the junk food in your house---don't use the excuse about wanting to have it in the house for the kids or DH because if it is not good for you, then it is not good for them either.

    2-Start moving...and way you possibly can...even if you just grab two cans of beans and do bicep curls while you are watching tv, then that is better then nothing. Also I have started doing my crunches as I am laying in bed at night.

    3-GO TO WW MEETINGS....I know there are some people who can do it without the meetings, but I am not one of them...let me just tell you, when you have to get weighed in each week, you are more accountable for the things you eat each week because you KNOW you HAVE to get on the scale. Also my leader is so insperational and supportive it is not even funny. I can tell she was were I am now, and she just loves to motivate. I have also become close to a couple of the older ladies that attend the meetings. They are all great and I love checking in with them each week to see how they are doing.

    4-Sign up for something little...maybe a 1 mile walk or something, I signed up for the MINNIE marathon, and now that has been my motivation to keep going. I know that I WILL suceeed in crossing that finish line.

    5-COME HERE OFTEN!!!! I cannot tell you enough howmuch I have depended on the WISH to get me through a rough time, when I wanted to eat something that I shouldn't or if I didn't want to exercise.

    6-Join some challenges here on the WISH is one that I am hosting, it is a summer challenge click HERE to check it out. I have done a couple and they have really kept me going.

    Anyway, I hope that this wasn't too much to swallow, but I really WISH you the best of luck!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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