BWV Bus Issues?


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May 3, 2001
We're going home to BWV Feb 9 -15, and having the great rental car debate. How have the busses been?

Also, we finally managed to get priority seating for breakfast in the castle at MK for 8:10AM. The CM said something about a special "Character Breakfast" bus from BWV to MK. Anyone know anything about this?

After getting up at 6AM for three days in a row to acomplish this feat, I should would hate to miss breakfast because we can't get there!

Thanks in advance for all your invaluable input!:)
When we were there in November we thought the buses were pretty good. Used them for AK once and MK several times. There was only once that there was a long wait, and I think we just missed it judging by the crowd we passed on our way to the bus. We also used the bus to go to HDD, going to MK then getting the boat to FW. Just by luck we had no waiting for any part of that journey, but if you are in a hurry I think it might be quicker to drive right to FW. IMO taking the bus is the best way to get to MK, if you drive you have to park, then take the tram to the TC, then either monorail or ferry. The bus drops you right at the entrance (almost!). We thought of taking the monorail from Epcot to MK but you still have to deal with a transfer at the TC. Would like to try it on the next trip to see how long it would take, maybe someone who has done this can comment on the time.

Another thing we found is that for the return from either MK or AK it is quicker to take the S/D bus, as the Swan is the first stop, and then it's a short walk to BW. The BW was sharing the bus with the Y/BC, and BW is the last stop.
We were at BWV in early December. While we didn't have any experience with the special "Character Breakfast" bus from BWV to MK, we did get a chance to see how the 'on demand' bus system worked.

When we arrived at the BW bus stop a CM asked us where we were heading. He then did something with some sort of hand held electronic device and said that a bus would there for us in about 10 minutes. Sure enough, about 9 1/2 minutes later, a bus for our destination would arrive.

we had a baby with us so we walked from bw through epccot and used the monorail, that way we didn't have to empty and collapse the stroller all the time. it was great exercise and our 6 yr loves to ride the monorail.

We were just there Jan 4 - 8. We normally have a car, but this time decided to try the bus system. It was great. Never waited longer than 5 minutes, except at DD. That wait was about 10 min., but we were inside a bus, and that was important because it was about 33 degrees out.

When we have a car, we use it for water parks, golf and to get to another resort, if we want to. Water parks weren't a factor in the cold. We took cabs provided for free to golf. We ate at the Boardwalk or Epcot or in our room. Worked out pretty well for us.

Good luck.
I was there Jan 5-12th. Bus to Downtown Disney was 20 minute wait, 30 minute ride there. Bus home was no wait, and 70 minutes ride back. I was told by a fellow bus-mate that their ride to Magic Kingdom was similar the day before. :(
I would like to know about a special character breakfast bus if there is one.

So Bumping this up

DH was starting to get nervous over the whole bus vs car so I called BWV yeasterday. The CM told me the busses start running at 7:30AM so I shouldn't have a problem getting to MK in time for our breakfast.

It's scheduled for one of our last days there, so if we are experiencing "bus issues" I can make arrangements to make sure we get there.

I'll let you know how it worked out when we get back. Twenty days and counting!!!! :D
Does anyone knows how much WDW charges for overnight parking at the resorts? Is it the same as the parks ($6 day). If so, do they waived the fee for AP? I never rented a car when staying in WDW.
Originally posted by SINK
Does anyone knows how much WDW charges for overnight parking at the resorts? Is it the same as the parks ($6 day). If so, do they waived the fee for AP? I never rented a car when staying in WDW.

Parking at WDW resorts is free. You will be given a paper "parking pass" with the dates of your stay to put in your vehicle's window.

Parking at the theme parks is also free to WDW resort guests. Valet parking at BWV & VWL is free to DVC members (but tipping is still appropriate).
Valet parking for non-DVC members at VWL and BWV as well as for everyone at the other deluxe resorts, is $6 per day -- plus tip. You pay $6 for the day even if you use the car at another deluxe valet parking (no charge at that hotel). You also pay $6 per day if you valet park and leave the car in the lot for a day or two. There is no discount for AP holders.
I think the transportation situation at BWV is great. First of all, you have the option of walking or taking a boat to Epcot or MGM. Buses to the other two parks run very frequently. But the BEST thing about staying at BWV is the fact that when you're trying to get back you have so many options. We usually take the first bus going to the Swan/Dolphin or Beach Club or BWV that we see and never wait longer than a few minutes. If we end up at the Swan or Beach Club, we just hop on the boat or take the short walk to BWV!


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