Brita Bottle Question


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Sep 4, 1999
I have seen the large Brita bottles that you can put in your refrigerator and may hold like 1/2 gallon of water. Is there now a smaller size that is convenient to carry with you in the Parks. Seems like that is what people are talking about.

I would imagine it would be easier than taking a case of water from home. How much water does this small Brita hold? Where can you find this size?
My DH and I both have Brita bottles at work and we love them! They hold around a quart or less, and you can get them at any KMart or similar store (white bottle with blue top). :jester:
Someone else had mentioned they found 2 bottles for sale at the Target Store and so I headed out to get them. Got the 2 bottles and 4 cartridges for 9.90 :)
The sports size brita bottles are great and I recently found another tip. You can use the filters in any size water bottle with the sports "sip" top. I bought a few poland spring sports size and those are perfect. Just open the top, insert the brita and replace the top. Your good to go without purchasing the brita bottle. They recently had the refill filters on sale at our local grocery for .99 and I bought several.


I also was able to find the britas at Target for 9.90.Great deal!!:bounce:
This was the twin pack.
Thanks for the tip on the sport bottle filterfit. I was going to buy 4 of the Brita bottles now I will just get the filters anduse the bottles we already have. ;)
I just got back from target and I bought the 2 pack for $13.90. Not such a great deal. I live in New York, Are the prices that much higher here. I feel like I should return them. Oh well!

I also went to two different Targets, and the bottles were on clearance for $13.90. I bought them anyway, since we needed them, but I was really bummed our stores aren't selling them for $9.90.
That's very odd, I purchased my bottles at Target for $6.99 each. They are the Fill n' Go Brita Bottles.
I went to our local Target yesterday. The twin pack with four filters was $13.90 and the single pack with one filter was $6.99.

Has anyone seen replacement sports tops for these bottles? I have looked high and low for them and no luck. I save any tops we come across and wash them in the dishwasher, but ours are becoming ragged. Any chance anyone has run across them and can steer me in the right direction?
we got ours a few weeks ago at sams for 1.00 for the 2 pk of bottles and filters;thought it was wrong until we checked out
I found the same deal at Sam's several weeks ago also! I am using them one at a time....hoping to save the other ones for the next trip to Disney!:bounce:
I checked with my Target and they don't carry these. I called Sam's and they didn't know what I was talking about. What part of the store did ya'll find these water bottles in. Housewares? Sporting goods? Seasonal? (I looked high and low at my Wal-Mark last night to no avail.)

Leave on Friday and would really like to have some of these!
I found the Brita back near the camping stuff--not near Housewares where I first looked, at Target. They had quite a variety of botles/filters, etc. I found the clearance ones--2 Fill n Go bottles and 4 filters for $13.90 on an end cap with other clearance stuff. Hope this helps.
At Sam's, these bottles were with the other water pitchers and faucet water filters. If all Sam's are laid out the same way, it would be on the right side as you enter, in the row just beyond the small household appliances. Hope this helps!
Hi guys, just wanted to let you all know that Eckerd Drug also sells these bottles, not entirely sure of the price but they are located over by the soda and juices that are NOT in the cooler! Eckerd is real popular in the southeast US and is fairly popular here in NJ, so maybe those of you that can't find them at Target might have better luck there !
Most recent Target price was 4.94 markdown. I found these in West Des Moines last Friday but they had a TON left at that time. May be gone now. (There on business). No idea if any in Wisconsin stores left.
My TARGET Had them too, a two pack for 4.94! With extra filters, I got all of them! There was only 2 packs left! YEEHAW! Seperately, 6.99 for bottle, 6.99 for extra filter!:bounce:


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