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Dec 6, 2000
After wandering around the boards and the preferences files, I have made some interesting observations that I thought I would share with all of you. First, for those who have not found them yet, you change your preferences through the User CP link at the top of the screen. The User Control Panel will allow you to modify several settings and through trial and error, I finally settled on the following:

Edit Profile
These settings came across from the old message board except for the Biography information. If you had something in that field, you will need to replace it here.
Before, you could enter your ICQ name. Now you are also able to add an AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) screen name and a Yahoo! Messaging ID as well. This will provide other board members an alternative way to contact you for a possible trade or for chatting.
You are now able to add your own title up to 25 characters. Please note that titles are not additive but rather replace what was there before. So if you like being a "senior member", do not add anything here. You can reset it though to a default state if you are unhappy with the title you have given yourself.
There is an area to add your birthday to the system. By putting your birthdate in, you will be added to the system calendar and your birthday will be acknowledged. This will also help the Birthday Fairy out tremendously.
You are also able to create custom signatures that will be placed at the bottom of each post. This is a great way to save yourself some keystrokes if you are not already using it.

Edit Options
This section is where I made the most changes from default. I will go through each field and explain why I set it this way:
Invisible Mode? (No) - I have a hard enough time finding myself without being invisible. Personally, I like to see who is on-line. Turning this off will deprive you of the opportunity of a lot of fun.
Automatically Log on when you return? (Yes) - I have way to many passwords to have to deal with this. But if you share your computer with others, you may want to set this as no so that someone doesn't start posting as you.
Browse Board with Cookies? (Yes) - I get hungry when I am reading, free food is free food. Besides, this beats having to re-authenticate.
Allow Moderators to send you e-mail? (Yes) - It would be nice to be notified if something is going down on the DIS so if the moderators want to get ahold of me, I am going to make it as easy as possible so I don't miss out.
Use 'Email Notification' by Default? (No) - I post to way to many threads to have it e-mail me whenever someone replies. I don't think my mail server would appreciate me overloading it was messages telling me that someone has replied. It's a personal thing though.
Hide E-Mail Address? (No) - This is the most important change I have made. The new board defaults to hiding your e-mail address regardless of what you had it set for on the old board. If you want people to be able to e-mail you about a trade or to talk, you need to set this to No.
Send E-Mail When You Receive a Private Message? (No) - This is strictly a personal thing. I think private messages may be popular and since I am on a lot already, I don't need to have it send me an e-mail when a new private message comes in.
Pop up a Box When You Receive a Private Message? (Yes) - Since I am on the DIS a lot, I would like a box to pop up when a private message arrives to remind me to read them when they come in.
Show Users Signatures? (Yes) - There are a lot of creative signatures out there and I don't want to miss them. If you are dialing in with a slow connection, you may want to change this to No to speed up the messages as they download.
Show Users Avatar? (Yes) - Ok, before everyone asks, in this context, an Avatar is an icon or graphic that appears under your name. I do like the name they used though since the other definition of an Avatar comes from Hindu mythology where the deity Vishnu decended to earth and his incarnation as a man or animal. I gotta see how creative people get with this. Again, if you have a slow Internet connection, you can set this to no to speed up downloading of messages.
Show Image Attachments? (Yes) - A picture is worth a thousand words and I love to see everyone's images. Same caveat though with Internet connections, if you have a slow dial-up line, you can turn this off.
Default Thread View (Use Forum Default) - I will let the moderators manage how many threads I see at a time. This is strictly a personal preference.
Default Posts Per Thread (Use Forum Default) - Again, I will let the moderators manage the number of replies per page. If you have a large or small monitor, you may wish to change this to minimize the amount of scrolling you have to do.
Start of the Week (Sunday) - It is a calendar thing. I got mine from Hallmark and it starts on a Sunday.
Time Offset (Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? - Chicago) - Set this time for your local time zone and the messages will all appear with time adjusted accordingly. Please note that this assumes you are on daylight savings time in the summer and standard time in the winter. If you do not participate in the great clock wind, you will need to adjust your time zone twice a year in April and October.
use VBCode quick links? (Yes) - Gotta love the ability to change colors and stuff on the fly. Just remember, it is always good to have taste in other places than just your mouth.
Style Set? (Default) - That was my only option. I wanted to put eclectic or even Renaissance but that wasn't a choice.
Avatar (my icon) - You are able to upload an Avatar after you have posted your first message. This is a great way to show your personality.

I hope that this will help some of you to define your preferences easier. Good luck everyone. If you need additional information or clarification please let me know and I will see what I can do to help.

I didn't realize that my e-mail was not public after the move.
I have read your instructions and have taken action.
You have helped a lot.
Thank you Jeff... That will sure answer alot of peoples questions...
With the help of Jeff new Dis buddy best friend

So THAT is what an Avatar is?

And I thought my Kentucky roots would hinder me.

Whoda thunk it?

Thanks Jeff

You complete me!!!!!

My favorite smiley

Thanks for the post Jeff :-) It's very helpful. I do have a question about font's teeny tiny (maybe 4 pts) for me. Is is this way for everyone? And, is there any way for me to make the font size on the boards larger?
Since this post is very helpful to everyone getting used to the new boards, I'm going to "stick" it up here on the top of the board until everyone has had a chance to get familiar with all the new settings.

Thanks, Jeff, for taking the time to help out the other members!

my only question is--Why did I lose some of my posts in my post count???? On the other board I had FINALLY graduated to a DIS veteran--but now I am back to a welcomed guest!! :(
Hi Tigger

The board move had been in the works for a little while and all the info was moved over here over a week ago.. that is why you have a smaller post count (I should have been over 2000 by )

If you want your post count back you can go to the Tech support board and post a request. They will take care of it there for you! Plus a new option you have now is to change your own title to whatever you want (25 character limit) after you have hit a certain number of posts (not sure how many but it's a pretty low number)

Hope this helps!

:bounce: :smooth: :sunny: :crazy: :earseek:
Thanks for the tutorial. I just got a computer at home so I can play with things now. At work, they frown on us downloading and changing things. That's what happens when you work for lawyers -- no fun!

Kathy :earsgirl:


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