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May 28, 2000
I always checked the snooze you lose fares quite regularly. Twice, I've taken their info and used it. I don't know if the website has changed but I have changed to a Pentium III. I was Pentium I. I could always see the individual line item per specifc day it came out. Now it is all grouped to see it on a weekend. So if there was a special on Monday, it's gone by Saturday.

Am I looking at it wrong? Or do I have to pay the member fee to see the daily airfare specials.

I don't like or because you have to pick a date. I want to know what the fare special are, when it starts, when it ends, what are the restricitions. I can be flexible but when using ex or lf, I just keep changing dates. Also what I liked about bestfares is that I can see if I can go fly in or from another city close by as an option.

I hope I make sense. Any suggestions?
If you click on the Newsdesk icon at it's the same as it's always been. They list all specials by line item. At the bottom of the page, click on Next 125 Results and you will get the previous days. Just keep doing that.

I was hoping you would respond since you are so airfare savvy. I've been watching for the Dallas to Denver airfare. It is $138 RT but for members only. It's perfect for us since we can travel on a Sat.

Is there another sight that would give me the same information and not be a member only requirement.

Thank you,
Thanks for your compliments.

I have been a longtime participant on several different travel forums. I've read repeatedly that Bestfares Members Only fares are rarely anything that you can't get elsewhere, without a fee. All of the specials that Bestfares lists are the base published fare, before standard airline fees are added.

I just went to Travelocity's Best Fare Finder and entered DFW-DEN. Miraculously :) the lowest published fare listed is $138. It's on Vanguard. So you can go directly to Vanguard's website and check availability for your travel dates, or do so at Travelocity. Travelocity says the fare requires a 21 day advance purchase and is valid for travel through May 15th.


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