Best age for US/IOA?


I like being ME
Sep 19, 1999
Our girls are 13 and 10. Problem is they are very short and will not make the height requirment for about 3 of the coasters. Wondering if we should visit when they are both tall enough?
My sons, 11 and 8, only went on one coaster,the Flying Unicorn. There are so many other rides they can go on they won't even miss the few with height requirements. Believe me, there are plenty they can enjoy. My 8 year old, who is the smallest in his class didn't even have enough time to do everything he wanted to do as many times as he wanted and we were there 3 nights with FOTL! I was concerned about this before we left as well since NO ONE in our party wanted to do the big coasters, There were plenty of other attractions, go and have fun, you won't be disappointed!
Last year we took my cousin to this park with us, who a the time was 10, and she too is smaller for her age. not that it mattered neway cuz she was to scared to go on the big coasters, yes she LOVED the park! the water rides were great for her and she loved JP! so i say go anyways!


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