Beetlejuice Rock Show Question


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Dec 18, 2000
I think it was Swinginevilmike that posted the closing of Universal Hollywoods' Beetlejuice.
I was just wondering if USF is considering this move & if so, when?
Also, was there ever a CD compiled with the shows' music (even the pre-show music was great) and made available to public.
I know there's been a lot of variety of songs with the different seasons. I'd like to maybe obtain at least a greatest hits version, if it were indeed available.
If swinginevilmike is there, you said fans were trying to grab stage souvenirs? USH could've sold off chunks of the backdrop and made a mint.
Sad day if/when USF shuts theirs. My DD has seen that show since age of 1. And always loved it!
Any inside info appreciated! Thanks,
I would like to know too. :)
This was our family's favorite show and we were very disappointed when we went to USH to find it discontinued there.
I was unable to find the any recording of the music on our last trip, I intend to search again next month. But maybe I am looking for something that doesn't exist???
Always feels good to see you post here!
I'm pretty confident Beetlejuice will still be running for the March meets. At least I hope so.
I'll be looking for addl. info 23rd/24th on a short trip.
Also, I've always wondered if many of the performers have ever gone on to bigger things in show-biz? (Not that Beetlejuice isn't bigtime, it is to me!) You know what I mean?
What kind of show do you think could possibly go in its place & be successful? I'm pretty clueless myself!
Thanks for replying, talk to ya'll later!


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