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Mar 30, 2001
Our DD will be 1 week shy of her 3rd birthday while we are there. My question is will she be able to ride such attractions as Barnstormer. She loves to go on all types and would be disappointed if she was unable to go because she would not be 3. (We wanted to go for her birthday but schedules would not allow)
My daughter rode it about a week after her 3rd birthday with no problems. I'm sure it would be fine.

Originally, the Barnstormer had a recommended age minimum of 3 years. About 6 months ago, that was changed to a minimum height of 35 inches. Our daughter first rode it at 2 years and 9 months old (in October of last year) She's been on it about 20 times since. Right now, it is her favorite attraction.

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My son rode it 9 times in a row a couple of years ago during MVMCP. (Un)fortunately Toon Town wasn't open for MVMCP in December 2000--I am still dizzy thinking about it. (He was 3 at the time).

has been changed to a height requirement, no more age requirement.
Our little boy was thrity five inches tall at a few months over two. He rode it fine, He is not the daredevil his older brother is and he was o.k
Shouldn't be a problem. The ride is short and not too fast. Probably a good first roller coaster to introduce to young kids. My 3-year old loved it.

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My youngest DD will be 2 yrs, 7 mos old when we go in October. Is that too young to go on the Barnstormer? From this thread, I understand it's now a height requirement, not age requirement. But in terms of age, what does everyone think???


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