Back to the Future Trip Part 6 - "Every Breath You Take." and the Slam Dunk Margarita

Discussion in 'UK Trip Reports Board' started by Fiona R from UK, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. Fiona R from UK

    Fiona R from UK Mouseketeer

    May 6, 2001
    Who we are etc!
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4

    Wednesday 6th February – Day 5 - "Every Breath you Take.." and the Slam Dunk Margarita.

    Plan: MK/EPCOT &TL

    Hours: Epcot 10-9
    TL 10-5
    US 9-7
    MK 9-6

    Food: Breakfast: Room
    Lunch: Biergarten/Ice Cream Social
    Dinner: Eat Round World

    Notes/Budget: Exchange 7 day passes for APs?


    So today we’re supposed to go and venture forth into Disney for the first time this trip, and take advantage of lighter crowds, which we should have done in retrospect. However, a combination of a slightly warmer weather forecast (which reads “pool time” in our dolphin family) and a long day yesterday means a shorter day at US with swimming was inserted in the plan. In fact the plan has been treated quite contemptuously this holiday!! Today also turns into my “illest” day so just as well the plan was flexible.

    Then Laura manages to lock the bathroom door, from the outside!! (Nobody in the bathroom, but noone can get in either.) Unfortunately she did this before her father’s morning visit to “the bathroom!” So we wait ½ an hour for the Men In Black to let us into the facilities, with Steve trying not to burst and us all laughing at him doing a jig!!

    Joke: “How many Men in Black does it take to unlock a bathroom door?”
    Answer: “None, it takes three Men in Beige with a magic screwdriver, and shades!!” (Are they MIB apprentices?)

    So now we can have our cereal and milk, and extract Laura from under the bed so we aren’t evicted for over occupation, really she is staying out of her dad’s way!! After all this lot we are still at the Universal turnstiles for 9.15, no time wasted travelling here!!

    Again we were waiting for attractions to open, we rode “Funtastic World of Hanna Barbara” brilliant for all ages, and very funny! Kate, Laura and Steve did Twister, OK. They’re explicit aren’t they! Not forgetting these are all firsts for us, we had a ball on Kongfrontation, what a pong!! Piled into Jaws and really expected naffness here, but again we had a good driver. Pushing the boat out I’d say the “actor led” attractions at Universal are better than Disney (ducking flak!!)

    The Men in Black were summoning our fire power, a whopping 99 135, still average, and we LOST again! Laura and I wanted to go “Back to the Future” and we bumped into Doc Brown polishing his car, not a soul about. “Have you seen Biff?” Great laugh, photos taken, autograph obtained and Doc Brown advised that these new fangled digitals may disappear, and if we spot any fading to “come right back” for him to look at it! We found Biff and annihilated him, we have more success here than MIB!!

    We found the other three outside the Barney Show and troop in to see a purple animal (bear, dinosaur, teletubbie whatever) doing his/her 12pm show. Now, this would have been great if you were under 5, but….I’ll say no more, our 5 ½ year old liked it but there is a scrum at the end to see Barney, as he is on stage so all he does is shake hands. Not a repeat attraction unless you give into pester power!! Barney’s playground is very good for a play on the way out, good escape from the sun (I should imagine!!)

    Character interaction made the exit from US quite slow, we don’t mind as we have them pretty much to ourselves. The Flintstones were larking around, I didn't know who Elisa and Donny were, but the children do (Wild Thornberries for your info.) and Shrek was lurking, looking as if he had an uncomfortable costume. No Princess Fiona in sight…….

    We tried the NASCAR Café at Citywalk, not as upscale as Hard Rock, but fine all the same. Pig Roast sandwich is good apparently, I can vouch for the Mexican Salad, chicken burger was good quality and fed Kate and Laura. Sally, definitely suffered from pizzaitis this holiday. Well fed for $37.

    Hey guys, the weather is very slightly warmer so we head back for a swim. Today the pool heating is broken, it’s flippin’ freezin’!! I’m feeling rough, and after a quick dip in the hot tub, I fall asleep on a lounger snuggled in two towels and a fleece. I think they all had fun, I woke to find the remnents of sodas and beers sneaked past the Budget Commando!! They had managed a $10 spend!! For some reason “Every Breath you take, Every move you make….” is still playing on the music loop, is it a two hour loop?

    Feeling a little better for the sojourn (that means “rest” Kevin!!) we do some room slobbing and walk back down to City Walk (did I mention it’s all quite handy?) Some fast thinking here as we obviously are not “eating around the world” and plump for NBA Café. Again another good choice (put it a tad down from Hard Rock Café) and we were quickly seated (good old room key priviledges) in a booth downstairs, definitely the best seats. We had two screens showing continuous basketball, but the whole place is much more upmarket to NASCAR.

    Our server advised a “3 on 3” sampler to start, a huge plate of goodies to share, melted in the mouth with lots of dunking sauces. Somehow, against my better judgement, I had been talked into a “Slam Dunk” margarita. Tequilla, lime, lemon and orange juices and a shot of Cointreau “on the side”. Why is it on the side? I slug it in with the drink, I said caution had gone to the wind! I was too chicken to try “frozen” and had it “on the rocks.” Why all this description? Well this is my first margarita ever and first alcohol of the holiday. By the way the strip steak was superb, gingery mahi mahi with special rice OK (a bit bland) and the pesto pasta fed two with ease. Sally was daring (I think I banned pizza) and had a hot dog with apple sauce. Unfortunately we could not even manage one pud, I think the bill was around $80.

    For some reason I was asleep again at 9, in my own bed but how I got there I don’t know. I think I recall following a “Yellow Brick Road” to our room!

    Tally: Tea, none! Little bottle of Merlot, ignored. Slam Dunk Margarita - excellent!

    Tomorrow: IOA and Mythos.
  2. Angeluk

    Angeluk ....polishing up my halo!

    May 5, 2001
    Ah, that tequila!;) Been waiting for this Fiona! Poor you though, sounds like you were really poorly. I'm sure the Tequila helped though, it's very medicinal!:cool:
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  4. Hilary

    Hilary There's always something new to learn!

    Feb 10, 2000
    I'm sure you would have made an admirable attempt at stepping in as Princess Fiona (daytime version, obviously!) to accompany Shrek, if you'd been feeling better.

    Slam Dunk sounds.... interesting!
  5. UKDEB

    UKDEB Moderator Emeritus Moderator

    Jul 7, 2000
    Glad you liked Kongfrontation - it's one of my favourite rides, I think it's so cleverly done. I keep reading rumours on the Universal Trip Planning boards that it's closing for good, but so far they've all been wrong.

    We saw those Wild Thorny thingys when we were there. I thought they were Rugrats, but got shouted down in flames! They are <i>so</i> naughty! Pulling plants out of the borders and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

    Sounds like your impression of Nascar was much the same as ours - nice food, shame about the lacklustre theming and non-atmosphere. I was already planning on trying NBA after your recommendation, but the description of the Slam Dunk has definitely sealed its fate!
  6. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    Oh, poor Fi! :( you really are poorly aren't yer Pet?
    I'm sure the Margarita made yer feel better anyway.

    I agree with the 'actor led' theory. When you get a good one (there are some that can't be bothered) it makes the ride so much better.

    I hope yer better tomorrer, and yer've really got to leave that Universal complex sometime yer kna.
  7. nativetxn

    nativetxn <font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono

    Feb 15, 2000
    And here I thought you were a real pro with Margaritas, Fiona ;) This was fun to read, thanks for posting it.

  8. Astrid

    Astrid <font color=9933CC>Shoot for the moon. Even if you

    Aug 19, 2000
    Well, my theory is if you're feeling poorly, a Margarita is definately the best medicine - good on you girl!! ;)

    Astrid x
  9. Minniespal

    Minniespal <img src="

    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!!

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