Avoiding currency exchange fees if renting dvc points.

peter quill

Earning My Ears
Sep 26, 2018
Iam sure this has been asked before but can't find any answers on the dis, iam looking to rent approx 100 ponts from a dvc owner for July 2022 but i can see nearly all are us owners and quote in us dollars per point. I assume they will take payment by PayPal, but even if I link a zero fee credit card to my PayPal account will i still incur exchange rate fees or is it even possible to link a zero fee card and pay this way. Any advice would be great.


Aug 29, 2006
In a similar boat to yourself, my plan is to use a method proposed in the past, I'm going to buy some disney egift cards from target paid with paypal dollar balance and then save until our dues come up later in the year and use the gift cards. That way I'm not having to convert back to sterling to convert back again later. I've not tried this so have been looking at threads where people use reward points to get gift cards


Apr 20, 2009
Unfortunately, currency exchanges cost money. Usually ridiculous amounts of money for what's actually happening. I've never found a way to totally avoid it.