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May 20, 2005
Just when I think I finally have all the answers... :rolleyes1

We'll be arriving to the port in a rental car from Budget. It occured to me that life would be ALOT easier if we were to arrive first, check our bags, then go return the car to the Budget rental place. Hauling bags onto a shuttle bus isn't my idea of a good time.

However, don't have a clue if this is possible. Do they offer short term parking at the port in order to do this? Is it even done like an airport where I can walk in, check in, check my bags and then leave for a bit...or do we have to go through some kind of security BEFORE we do all this?
(first time cruiser...very lost ;) )

We plan on arriving fairly long before they start letting people on the ship do they even let you check your bags, etc?


Other question: did I read that there is an American Airlines counter at the port? Does that mean we can check our bags and get our boarding passes while still at the port?? AGain...avoiding the whole hauling our bags onto a shuttle bus once we're at the airport. That would be so wonderful (although I wonder what the odds are of my bags making it to the airport on time ;) )

Thanks again!
Many people do this & it works great. Arrive at terminal in rental car, drop all luggage off with porters. One person in your group returns the rental car & hops on the the Budget shuttle back to terminal, MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A PHOTO-ID or they will not be able to get into the terminal.

Remaining members of group checks everyone. After the car-dropper gets back to terminal you can go to the CM who checked you in & pick-up their KTTW card. Some CM's will give you all the KTTW cards & you wont have to go back. Either way it only takes a few minutes to get the remaining KTTW card. Sound much like a much longer process than it actually is.....

The terminal opens around 10:30, boarding begins around noon.

I don't think it is a counter where you can get your boarding passes, just a luggage drop. You have to purchase Disney transfers to use the service as well. You can purchase the transfers for only one way if you wish.
I agree trying to squish you all and your luggage onto a shuttle isn't exactly the most relaxing way to begin your vacation. On our first cruise, we rented one way from Avis (but I'm sure Budget works the same). I dropped DH and the kids off at the port w/the luggage and then returned the car. Be sure that whoever is taking the car back keeps their photo id ... won't be allowed into the parking lot w/o it. Then I hopped a shuttle back to the port.

We're going to use this same plan on our upcoming November cruise. :cheer2:
Great! Sounds like a plan :)

Although that whole DCL transfers needed to check your bags with your airline...grrrrr. They just squeeze you for every last cent! :rolleyes:


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