AP Question?


Earning My Ears
Aug 27, 1999
I am starting to plan a 10 day trip in March 2002. I was planning on buying 7 day hopper passes, but I saw it would be cheaper to get AP's. Plus,it gives me a reason to try and squeeze in a second trip that year. Does anyone know if I can purchase the passes now but not use them till 2002? Thanks for all your help! :)

if you order the APs through Disney reservations, you will receive vouchers or certificates that have to be exchanged for the real ticket. The exchange takes place at Disney and the pass is activated that day. The AP will then be good for a year from the activation date. I have bought mine through the mail several times and it is an easy transaction. Enjoy!
YOu can do the same thing through the Disney Store. We just did that last week to avoid the higher cost ticket, and we don't plan to go back until January next year.

Thanks all! That's great news! I wanted to get them now since I have the money. Have a great night! StaceyD


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