Anyone ridden Cat in the Hat?


Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
I thought I heard someone say on here that the Cat in the Hat makes more people sick at IOA than any other ride--is that true? Why? We planned on taking our two boys on this one because we knew they wouldn't be scared, but not if it makes them (and me) sick!! Can anyone help?
I've been on it a couple of times with the kids. The kids loved it and didn't make them feel sick but I must admit the first time I went on it I felt a bit sick when I came off. It didn't seem too bad when I went on it this year. The car just spins a little bit at certain points of the ride.
The ride is similar to the Winnie the Pooh ride at Magic Kingdom but with one big difference. When you come to a corner you do a fast turn. Not a repeating spin but a 270 degrees quick turn. It's really lots of fun and we all loved it.

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Loved it. Did it several times in a row, late at night, and didn't feel sick once. Its miles better than the Pooh ride, Disney must be spitting feathers. (an English term, it means annoyed)
The ride is not that bad. If you can handle a few spins, not all at once then you will be okay. I am a coaster (upside down ones) chicken and I still like Cat in the Hat.



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I've seen all sorts of people ride Cat in the Hat. It is not a kiddie ride at all. A teenager may be embarassed to ride It's a Small world, but he or she should be OK on Cat in the Hat.


Barry Hom
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I can't imagine ever being too old to ride Cat in the Hat! It's an adorable ride, also have to plug in that I love the Red Fish, Blue Fish ride, too.

I'm twenty and love CITH! The place is charming and IMHO it is great oppertunity to visit your inner child ;) Uni did a great job creating a fantasy land. Personally, I always end up spending too much time here b/c I want to check out every nook and cranny! I don't know if you have ever been to IOA but the theming and quality here is amazing, Suess Landing will blow you away!

Gosh, I sound like a walking advertisement for Universal Orlando! LOL

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When we were there lots of teens were riding it. They were giggling and laughing like little kids and were not the least bit embarrassed. They might, however, feel a little funny on 1fish2fish, but I still saw lots riding. My 13 year old would not go however.
And we didn't look the least bit silly, in fact we had a great time. Funny you should mention about getting sick on it though--my mother refuses to ever ride it again. Her stomach did flip flops for a good while after riding it. She said she'd ride the Hulk before ever setting foot on the Cat in the Hat again! My father and I loved it though!
I agree with the above posters about the fun factor. I'd compare the spins to the "tilt-a-whirl" rides they have at fairs.
Don't forget:

On Cat in the Hat, you can always ask the attendant loading your couch that you do not want your ride vehicle to spin. It's as simple as a quick phone call and push of a button and, presto!, a great Cat in the Hat ride with no spinning.

It's done quite frequently, especially when guests are particularly worried about the spinning.

Just another "IOA secret" for ya! The spin on Cat in the Hat can be "turned off" on request!

Thanks so much for the great tip about turning the spinning off on Cat in the Hat. I would have never known that! Now we can all go on the ride and enjoy it. Thanks a bunch! And thanks to all the rest of you for your replies.
Wow! I never knew that. The ride is pretty fun with the spinning. I think that's what makes it a great dark ride.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."


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