Anyone know of good....

Let's does the saying go? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!? Theme parks run specials and discounts all the time...AAA South right now has the annual pass for $99 until the end of this month...there are pay for 2 days, get one 3 deals. But whatever you do, don't go to shady stands by the side of the road, or booths that advertise cheap tickets. Usually, they're resales which are illegal, and if you are caught at the gates with them, if they even work, they can be taken from you. Often, they don't even work, and you have no way of knowing that there are no days left on them since everything is coded with magnetic strips now.

So yes, there are deals, go back on these boards to find out about some of them, and watch here for more, someone always posts the info when it comes out!

When are you going and for how long...perhaps we can help!

Will be in Fla from April 13 thru 19. Was looking for justn a one day pass.


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