Any tips - Renting a Mini Van?


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Jun 23, 2000
Does anyone know a reasonable company to rent a mini van through? I don't want to pay $500!
Dollar has a $209 special right now using the code FVG. At certain times last year it came up as $199. GOod luck!
We're going this week - here's what we have:
1 week w/minivan @ 164.99
2 extra days @ 41.99/day

Car seat is $4 a day

Not included: tax, svc charges, etc.

Good luck!
I have reserved a mini-van through Priceline for February 9 through February 18 at a bid of $24/day. With taxes and fees the total for 9 days came out to $274.50. I am very pleased with this rate.

Hope this helps.


I don't know where you are from, but when I called for rates from Virginia they had no mini vans that were for unlimited milage. The most we could get is for 1050 miles then pay a certain amount extra for miles over, so beware of those hidden costs. :(

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My Priceline confirmation states "with unlimited mileage". I am pretty sure that all rentals through Alamo are unlimited mileage.

Hope this helps.



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