Any suggestions for bringing back something for my son's class?


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Jan 18, 2001

My son's kindergarten class is celebrating their 100 days of school party while we are gone (AKL 2/8 - 2/16). His teacher has given him a list of things to do while he is away... one of which is to possibly bring back 100 of something to show???? Any ideas?

Also, would there be anything that we could purchase and bring back for everyone in his class (i.e. pretzels, candy, etc)? I don't want to spend alot of money, just have something for him to share when he gets back.

Thanks for your ideas!!

Gee...that's a tough one. If you don't want to spend a lot of $$. Depending on the class size you could get Disney candy bars but I think they are $1.25. For the 100 thing...a boy in my daughter's class brought in 100 shells (they had gone on a Disney cruise as well). Maybe you could find some stickers to use.
You can get a bag of Disney pasta and count 100 pieces, Disney stickers, legos from their store (a box of a little over 100 is not that expensive), and perhaps the most cost effective are napkins and straws! The napkins you could give out as inexpensive souvenirs, sometimes they design awesome ones at WDW, you feel guilty about soiling them.

I know last year we bought everyone in the class mouse ears pencils. I believe I paid $1.99 each. I had a coupon from the club card for 10% off. There were 15 kids in his class. I think I spent a little over $25 dollars. But of course my DH bought a new Mickey baseball jacket when we found out I had a coupon. The pencils were at the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney. That's the only place I could find them. Don't forget free shipping to your home when you buy something.

Ask a CM for stickers. They come on a large roll and they will probably give them to you, especially when they know what it is for. One trip a CM gave each of my kids a huge strip, as long as my arm, when we were walking by the world of disney.
In DD, there is a candy store and they sell chocolate coins that have mickey mouse etc. on them. Someone brought those to school after a trip to disney, dd loved them. They probably wouldn't be too expensive. They also had Mickey suckers. I think they came bundled in a five pack for 3.00.
If I remember correctly, the parks sell large bags of pretzels in the shape of Mickey ears. I believe they sell for around $2 or $3 a bag, and one or two bags probably contain close to 100 pretzels. The Wal-Mart in Orlando sells bags of Mickey suckers for around $1, but I'm not sure how many suckers are in a bag (probably around 10 or 20).

*** Probably the easiest thing to do would be to bring back items (especially freebies) that mention Disney's "100 Years of Magic Celebration"- guidemaps, napkins, pins, etc. You could also take pictures of all the celebration signs that are posted in the parks. Your son could also do a report on what the celebration is all about. I am a teacher, and I would really be impressed if one of my students took the time to do this while on vacation.

We were faced with the same problem 2 years ago while on a trip to WDW in late Jan/early Feb. At the candy store on Main street in MK we purchased the chocolate coins, and in MGM we purchased 100 suckers in the shape of Mickey's head(sold in bundles of 5 or 6 for @$3.50), but the biggest hit was the stickers all the CM's hand out for free. During our 4-day trip we collected over 200, which my son then passed out to his classmates. Oh, a classmate brought back the Mickey-shaped straws as a Christmas present one year, too.
We've done this a few times. I usually buy a few packages of character pencils (there's about 8 or 10 per package) for under $5 per package. Then I just send them in with a note for the teacher to give each classmate a pencil! The kids love it!

I love the idea of either the Mickey Pasta or Pretzels for the 100 Days of School. I just sent in 100 pieces of candy!

Have a great trip...
I went one yr and took the entire class the boxes that the kid meals come in,i asked for xtra everytime we stopped to eat,he only had 20 kids in his class and they gave them to me unfolded with straws(mickey straws) i found pencils at the outlet mall,asked for the xtra stickers at dinner,put mickey mouse cookies and i cant remember what else ,its been yrs and things have changed,oh i know ,mickey shampoos and soap ,housekeeping gave me xtra,i asked on every shift,midnites ,days and afternoons,i dont know how it would be now to get them.The kids loved it.:earsgirl:
On our first trip we did this for DD's 1st grade class and this past trip we did it for both her 2nd grade class & DS's pre-school class. After the ride at the Pirate's of the Carribean when you exit into the gift shop there is a huge Treasure Chest containing gold & silver coins with Pirate Mickey and maybe Goofy on the coins and also jewels, rubies, saphires etc. etc. You pay like 6.95 for the little velvet bag and depending on how carefully you load them into the small bag, it must be able to close with the drawstring, you can pack about 25~ coins and several jewels. These make for an inexpensive but cute little trinket for their classmates upon their return to school. Deanna
I don't know exactly, but remember, this year is the 100 YEARS OF MAGIC celebration. Maybe something related to that. Maybe your son could share with the class what 100 years of magic is all about.
I've gotten DS's nursery school class boxes of Character cookies to share for a snack. They are vanilla and chocolate and shaped like Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie. They're similar to animal crackers.

They sell them in a good sized box. One can easily feed 25 kids.
Thank you all soooo much!! Those are excellent ideas... I especially like the 100 years Celebration (never even thought of that!!)... I think I will do the snacks, and pencils and definately have him tell about the 100 years!!

We are leaving in less than 20 hours! OMG!! 10 months of planning down to less than 20 hours... WoW!!

Thank you all again for your wonderful ideas... His (and my dd's) class will be thrilled!!


AKL 2/8 - 2/16 :D
On our last trip my wife bought mickey mouse ears and had each monogramed with the child's name. The kids loved them and it wasn't that expensive.
I'm a teacher and I also bought the character cookies for my class. They loved them. My dd bought pencils for her class (but there are only 8 in her class.) I'm going back in 6 weeks and I love all the other ideas!
I teach first grade and each year during winter break I vacation at Disney. I usually pick up
several packages of character pencils, (located at any Disney Hotel Shop or down at the
World of Disney) and always ask for stickers at check-in. Then I get a postcard for each
of my students and mail them on the day I arrive. By the way the pencils are around $4 for
a package of 10 or 12. Good Luck!


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