Any hope for March E-Nights?


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May 9, 2000
We'll be there March 5-11.
Anyone have any inside information? We love e-nights, but I guess we can survive a trip without one. . . .
We will be there at practically the same time as you, March 6-12. We were also hoping for e-nights as historically they have always had them in March. Eventhough it won't ruin our trip if there isn't one, it will be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I sent an email to Disney stating my frustration with this topic. Bottom line, because of the cutbacks, this will be our last trip for a while. At least till they get in new management who will bring the level of service back to what I expect of Disney.
This is not a good situation

On the other hand, maybe with the $$ spent on Wishes (fireworks every day) and the new attraction (Philarmagic), they have run out of budget room

As of today, there are none scheduled for March or April on Disney's official private website. I would've thought during spring break or Easter, but I guess the attendance isn't there yet. We will be there the first week of May, and are not expecting any given the current record. I guess we'll know about May soon, as the hours usually appear at the end of each month.
I'll be there March 9-12!
Sorry no e-nights too, but it will make getting up for EMH a whole lot easier! And I'm not complaining about lower attendance!

See you there fellow mouseketeers!:earsgirl:
This is the thing that confuses me - at least based on what I have heard and seen in analysts reports etc., WDW attendence is not down and has been going up a bit so I think there may be something else with these E-Ride nights

Confuses me too! If they don't have them when the parks are busier, then when? If they are going to do away with them, then I wish they would stop dangling them as a perk. Guess they want to keep their options open. I personnaly think they are a blessing when the parks close early (esp. spring and fall). It was always nice being in the park from 7-10 PM when MK closed at 7PM. I don't use them in the summer when the parks are open later. Just too late for us. I'm sure if things change, they will be posted on these boards!
This is the main reason we stay on site. I also have been seeing where attendance is up. This makes the offsite(cheaper)hotels look even better.No, I will probably never stay off site, but it is nice to blow a fuse about it every once in a while.


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