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Discussion in 'Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Museum' started by Belle1997, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Belle1997

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    Mar 19, 2004
    I have been going around VMK listening and clicking on peoples signatures.

    In one hour this is what I found. I want to somehow put these in a collage of pics of VMK and what the players are saying.

    As many of you know many to not know what to do.

    Wonder if this could help

    VMK players are constantly going to the partners statue. Waiting their turn to say Thank you Walt Disney

    This was a duscussion between to players at the Statue

    OMG Walt
    Make then big guys behave
    Walt are you turning over in your grave

    Walt save VMK please
    He would fire them
    Big time
    Give them goofy slips

    On their signatures

    Save VMK Wear Black for it is VMK al

    Life is good until vmk go :(

    Save VMK! What would walt say? Dress like Mickey and tell friends

    I guess we are really the fools Bye VMK :(

    I am sad VMK is closing so sad to the tree until VMK announces it is not closing.

    Omg – faints L why??

    VMK can not go away! Its not over yet! Were keep in VMK alive forever

    Don’t ask me I don’t know why VMK is closing because it’s the best game

    Disney what have you done

    VMK!! Plz don’t close I can’t live with out it plz go to save vmk. come

    I just wish and hope VMK never close VMK it’s the best virtual

    Hi why does VMK have to close?

    Save VMK wanna stay. Save VMK we wanna play

    VMK was the only reason I wake up early on my weak end save VMK

    Don’t close VMK wear black for morning

    I’d rather pay to play then throw my friends away

    We may be virtual characters but are tears are real

    When your thinking of a way to save VMK just think of what walt would do

    Save VMK dream was not to hurt kids

    When VMK closes you do not know how long I will cry

    I’m blue please make my dreams come true! Keep VMK alive forever

    There is nothing good about saying good bye to VMK

    Friends make VMK don’t let us lose our friends

    It wasn’t walts dream to ruin our dreams

    Don’t close down VMK the second best place other than home

    VMK I am rare please don’t delete me

    I am blue until Disney changes its mind. So sad VMK is closing

    Wishing upon a star for VMK to

    Should we have a say in what happens to VMK

    So any idea of what we can do with this signatures I will continue to collect more.

  2. Kairi-Angel

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    Jul 24, 2007
    Maybe you could make a collage of the signatures and pictures of discussions and send them to VMK, showing how much everyone really does care.
    Great work collecting the signatures, i've seen a few of those myself.
  3. Kasiks

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    Jun 27, 2006

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