Another BCV presale question


DIS Veteran
Aug 20, 1999
We have a Dec use year. If we bought in Feb at BCV, I assume we'd get Dec 2002 points since the resort is open. A member with a Feb use year that buys, would they get 2002 points in a resort that's not open or get 2003 points? If they get the 2002 points, isn't that kind of a bonus? Those that own after the resort is open, really don't get this bonus then, do they? Or maybe I am looking at this wrong since 2002 points are 2002 points. Other then beating a price increase, there is no real incentive to buying a Dec 2002 use year in Feb 2002 is there?....spruce
Got my answer in DVC chat. It seems that when HH was presold, points were given after the resort opened, so I'd get 2002 Dec points with my use year and a Feb use year owner would get Feb 2003 points...I guess we'll see soon what DVC does....spruce

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