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Dec 8, 2000
Hello to all the Pin People and Collectors in general.

My name is Jason I am a Mod on the Debate board and a regular poster on the Communtiy and DVC Board. Me and my DW(Jaysturtle) have been into Disney Pin Trading for almost a year now. I have lurked many times over here but never really posted.

Well now you're all in trouble since I am coming out of the woodwork. ;) .

I must say I was lucky enough to meet Pintrader and Tink (i cant remember the numbers after the name) On my last vist to Disney.Both ladies were very nice. I also traded a pin with pinhook but had no idea he was a Dis'er at the time. Also a super nice person. Gives a good name to Cast Member....Hope pinhook is the right name. I belive his real name is Mike. :)

Well hold onto your hats because here I come :) :)
We are always happy to have another addict... umm, pin collector/trader join us. Welcome to the "other" CB!
Hey Jay Nice to see you here! and not a political thread in sight ;)
Hi Jay, Welcome to pin collecting. We don't bite. Well, some of us don't !! :bounce:

Welcome to the boards , Jason .Pin collecting is not life. it is much more important than that. Want to trade?
Kris ( pinaddict):jester:
Hi Jay! Welcome to the Collector's Board!

Don;t know if you remember me. We met at the Palisades Mall meet back In Jan. Hope to "see" you here alot.
Of course I remember you.....I am blesed or cursed with a almost photographic memory....So see you soon Tom12 Jon18....oh wait Dom13 ;)
Is there a problem, Officer???? :p

And why weren't you wearing a lanyard at the Palisades Meet?

Closet collectors. They always wear down eventually and decide to unlurk.

Welcome! I expect to hear some details about that collection of yours.;)
Welcome Jaypd!

I am mostly a lurker myself but I have posted a few times over here on the CB.

I can't find the thread because it is over on the old boards but there is going to be a pin meet at Pin Central at 2 pm on May 12th. I think there is also one that night at DD but I don't know for sure since I can't make that one. I know you were looking for DIS meets during that time so maybe you can show up for this too. :)
Hi Jaypd,
Welcome to our crazy group. You are hooked now and there is no turning back.
I wonder if they really sell those wallet-locks like on the commercial. I need one to but on my wallet when I am near pins. Peggie
Welcome Jaypd to our wonderful "pin" family - can't meet a finer bunch of people! Nice thing is - we all have this great common interest, spending money!!!!!! Well, some of us spend more than others but we are all hooked! :jester:


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