All that mail


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Feb 1, 2000
Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do to stop all the mail I am getting.
I came home last night to find 5 e-mails from the boards telling me that people had replied to a post that I had also replied to. I am glad people are writing on the boards, but I didn't start the post, just contributed to it. Peggie:confused:
I made the sme mistake on the checking in post. :rolleyes:
I went in and changed my preferences to not letting me know of replies.
And I also Unsubscribed to it, but still rec'd some.
I em-d MZ, who said they also fell into the same trap at first and I may have to ride it out until the thread died.
I didn't have any e-mail notifications this morning tho'. So maybe they were able to turn it off.
But first look under what preferences you have set.
I don't remember where I saw the unsubscribe button. But play around the site and you will see it. It was in the upper right hand portion.
I have not been able to get the spellchecker to work. It shows it's Loading, but that's it. And after awhile I get a message that the server is not responding. :confused: I use spellchecker on Dizpins with no problems.
If you go to YOUR post in that thread and 'edit' it, there is an option at the bottom to turn off the e-mail notifications. I made the same mistake, and went back and fixed them.

For future posts, see Jeff's post on how to change it.



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