Alert! Theft At The Security Checkpoint


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Aug 25, 2001
I heard on the radio a coupl'a nights ago (David Brudnoy on WBZ, Boston?) about someone leaving their wallet and passport in the little basket that goes through the X-Ray machine, and then told to go over to a bench to take off his shoes. He said he was concerned about some stranger pilfering his things as they sat at the end of the X-ray conveyor.

I am still cautiously recommending unconditionally retrieving all belongings from the conveyor before proceeding to the shoe inspection bench or undressing booth, If the security guard seems impatient, tell him/her that you are waiting for your belongings to come out of the machine, and then wait fof them to come out of the machine.

Better yet, keep your wallet in your pocket regardless of what anybody says.

Elsewhere and earlier I remember hearing about one scam artist dilly dallying in the archway of the metal detector while his cohort stole bags rolling smoothly down the conveyer at the far end.

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Before going through the metal detector, DO NOT put your suitcases on the rollers at the very beginning of the X-ray conveyor. Wait for a bare area to appear on the belt and put your bag there. Otherwise something will come out of the X-ray machine backwards and the domino effect will push your suitcase or laptop off onto the floor.
I had a similar experience. I had a laptop, and a nice watch that I had to put through the conveyor belt. I was in a long line, and ready. There were two people in front of me waiting to get through the metal detector. One of the security men YELLED at me to not hold up the line and to put my stuff through. I did, but still had to wait for the two people in front of me to go through.... my stuff had been sitting on the other side for over a minute. Anyone could have taken them.

The only thing that made me feel better was that there were SEVERAL security people standing on the other side, including the National Guard. Still, they don't know who owns what.

Im bumping this because it is very important, I think every one should read this post. And something tells me we will be hearing more and more of this with all that is going on now...
What ever you do, dont put your wallet on the convayer belt. Since when would leather, paper, or plastic set of the alarm? If you must, hand it to the gaurd before you go through, thats what i do with my cell phone before i go through...i actually HAND them my bucket of loose metal suff (keys etc) and cell phone. And I keep my eye on that the whole time. If there is a hold up I will ask for it back until we go though.
I always wait until the people in front of me have cleared the detector before putting my belongings through so they and I will come out at the same time on the other side. Likewise I do'nt go through the detector until i see my belongings enter the x-ray machine.

Last week, I had this NASTY thing (I won't even call it a human) who obviously has emotional problems and shouldn't be working with the public (oh yeah, Argenbright hires workfare people and pays them minimum wage, it's no wonder she was on workfare, no one else would give her a job she was so nasty.) SCREAMING at me to get through the metal detector. I told her that I didn't trust her or her friends to not pinch my stuff, and that I'd go through as soon as the x-ray belt was clear. She was practically frothing at the mouth. Geez, they make drugs to help with PMS.

If I'm traveling alone, I won't go through the detector until the conveyor belt is clear, either. When I have a companion, he or she gives me the "stuff" that needs to go through x-ray. My companion goes through the detector and collects/watches for our stuff. If it's busy, this can be tricky - I often have to ask people to go ahead of me to make sure my companion gets through before I put our "stuff" on the belt. Call me paranoid if you will, but it's really easy to take someone else's things off the belt. Laptops are especially vulnerable at this point in the "security" process.


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